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Soak test invites are rolling out to T-Mobile Moto X owners who are part of the Motorola Feedback Network, indicating that a new software build is on its way in short order. There's no clear indication of what the software update will bring, but based on the timeframe from previous soak tests the update will be hitting devices soon and we'll have a better idea at that time.

Following a successful soak Test, the update should roll out to non-testers shortly after the initial rollout is complete. Are any of you in the Feedback Network for your T-Mobile Moto X and seeing the Soak test arrive on your device yet? Be sure to hop into the forums and let other members know how it's work out for you.

Moto X Soak Test

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Soak test invites rolling out for T-Mobile Moto X


Should be available as an app update and not a system update. Hopefully this is more significant.

That's what I was thinking, but the app may need underlying framework to be added in a software update.

I wanna be in the soak test!! I guess I'd need an X first

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Tmo has an x? That might be the story here :p. Att, Verizon, sprint and republic sure do but iirc tmo didn't sell it but only supported verifying your own unlocked.

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I got the unlocked moto x that came with a tmo Sim card. Maybe it's that one? If so, whoohoo for an update!

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It is the unlocked variant which most website like android central call it T-Mobile variant. It's the XT1053 model, granted it comes with the T-Mobile sim but T-Mobile has probably nothing to do with the device.

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I just hope Motorola & T-Mobile keep up the timely updates like they have up till now. If it is a version bump then the Moto X is really close to the Nexus or GPE experience.

For months, I have tried to play it cool and not ask. But the curiosity is too much for me to take....WHAT IS A SOAK TEST???!!!

The chemical test to find whether a particular salt dissolves in water or not...
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It's like a beta release. Get the update in the hands of a few willing guinea pigs to test it and then debug and roll out the release to everyone

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