Motorola Droid Bionic

Update: Not that anybody out there screaming this is a fake asked us, but this might shed a little light on things. Haters gonna hate.

Original: Well, well. What have we here? We've been handed what our tipster says is an early version of the Droid Does page for the Motorola Bionic. We're told it's set to go live the first week of August. Specs aren't any different than we've seen, but it's the price that's really standing out -- $299 on contract. That's gonna hurt. But we've been there before, haven't we.

Specs are said to be what we've already been told -- 4.3-inch pentile touchscreen at qHD resolution, TI OMAP 4430 dual-core processor at 1GHz, 1GHz DDR2 RAM clocked at 1066 MHz, that whole Motorola Webtop thing, 8MP rear camera, 2MP front-facing camera. We also get its height and weight statistics -- 2.66 inches wide, 4.95 inches tall and 0.52 inches thick, weighing 5.56 ounces. (Let's hope they fix that whole length-width-height thing before launch.)

So, that's what we've got. Last-minute changes to this sort of thing aren't unheard of, but we're certainly getting closer to launch, it seems, and remember that leaked screen from Sam's Club pointing to Aug. 4. Stay tuned, folks.

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Sneak peek at the Droid Does Motorola Droid Bionic page points to a $299 price tag


Answer me this....

What are the top phones for each carrier?

Sprint: Evo 3d
Tmo: sensation

What do they all have in common? Pricing structure.
I have even seen deals for these phones for $150 after rebates.

I understand that you can get a better deal on Letstalk or Wirefly, but if you want to buy direct its a big miss.
I predict pretty abysmal sales initially.

My OG DX has still got me grinning on the regular. I wanted an HTC phone next time around anyway.

so the only thing that sets this apart from charge is the dual core chip. and that isn't all that impressive. this phone looks to be a let down

And double the ram? And a bigger battery? And two a9s instead.of a single a8? That's huge, the performance of this will be bounds ahead of the last gen hummingbird. Then theres webtop, and motos antena are always above the rest.

Actually my old Fascinate at 1.6ghz runs extremely smooth. It runs mario kart flawlessly, even better than my stock X2. I will still probably buy the Bionic, just to get me through until the GSII drops by and hopefully that'll be 4G aswell.
I'm kinda sad that it's gonna get the webtop though, that probably means that only 512mb will be usable and the other 512 will be reserved for webtop just like the Atrix. I do hope I'm wrong tough.

Regarding the Atrix™ :
At launch the Atrix™ used to set 512MB for phone & 512MB for Webtop , just like you said
But in one of the updates has changed that & set it at 800MB for for phone, 224MB for Webtop, when you use it as a phone, but things change when hook it up on Webtop mode (then it takes more RAM)
Plus the RAM is a full 1GB DDR2, which is twice as fast as the traditional RAM (or that's what people say)

Regarding the GSII :
If the Verzion version gonna be the same as the international one (I9100) but with a CDMA instead of GSM, don't get your hopes up so high or you will be disappointed badly (I know I've)
I can't judge on Performance & Software , but the built quality & materials (even though its better than the old one) is .... :(

Massive disappointment:

-4.3" instead of the rumored 4.5". If we MUST endure pentile, at least give us a bigger screen!

-Big improvements were promised for the Droid 3's camera but aside from 1080p video, its stills look pretty lame and presumably the Bionic will use the same 8Mp sensor.

-Likely worse battery life than originally speculated. Originally was supposed to have a 1930mAh battery, now rumored to be only 1750mAh

-No Tegra 2= no access to the number of THD games I've bought for my X2. Bummer--note that I am NOT a fan of the Tega-specific games and/or Tegra-specific calls but they do currently comprise the best 3D titles currently on Android

-Delays and high cost--but wasn't this to be expected?

So hold out until the Dinara, right? But if it's a fixed battery as reported then it's an immediate and total deal-breaker for me. One main reason I refuse to even consider an iOS device is that I frequently spend all day in the field and then swap in a fresh battery when I get back home or to the office before I head out again. And I don't want to fumble with a silly external battery pack etc.

Not only do you get to pay a premium to use the actual data. But you get to pay a premium to own a phone that can use that expensive data.

If you already are an existing customer it is the same price as sprints. Actually isnt sprints 30+10 for premium data? so it is actually more for slower speeds with sprint.

yeah but the difference in data speed is probably their main reason. LTE blows Wimax away. I dont agree with it but its the reason.

I don`t agree with you! I had the TBOLT and I never seen any big different on download as everyone saying, and the VZW 3G good as Sprint. Inside my house I never seen more than one par if am luck, which I get 3 par on my Evo 3D inside the same house, I took the TBOLT back and I got my money back, thanks to VZW over charging for the same what other offering for less money.
But I have one thing to all the Three wirless companies out there, first improve your network before start claiming the best and charging arms and legs for worst services.

Those wireless companies must have taken your arms then because you type like you are using your toes. Hard to make a point when people are too busy trying to decipher gibberish.

Lets hope this thing is as big a flop as the Charge and the Revolution, then maybe they will reconsider pricing their handsets so high. The TBolt sold so well because it was their first LTE handset, and all the releases have been lackluster since.

Of course the Inc 2 is outselling the Charge: the Inc 2 is selling for a penny for new accounts and primary line upgrades, but the Charge is selling for $129.99 for new accounts and $189.99 for primary line upgrades.

I think that happened the same time we started paying $300 for a phone that should cost $150-$200. After all this time, all the delays, and THIS is what we get? LOL no thanks!

Has RAM always had a clock speed clocked at another clock speed?

"1GHz DDR2 RAM clocked at 1066 MHz"

The 1GHz is clearly a typo.

No, "Dual core chip clocked at 1Ghz, DDR2 RAM clocked at 1066MHz". The DDR2 RAM in this phone is probably twice as fast as the DDR RAM of older phones. Also, it has a lower voltage requirement and uses less power therefore better battery life. The dual core CPU also adds to the battery life.

I guess they ment the Frequency of the RAM (which explains the 1068GHz written to next to it)
Im not a Hardware expert , but that's what the technicians told me when I changed my Laptop's RAM

I am truly up in the air on this...can't decide if I wanna go with the D3 or this. I have the Tbolt now and I'm not that happy with it. The reboot issue is really starting to drive me insane! I would love a full keyboard since I use my phone for mostly business but that 4G LTE radio is REALLY nice to have when I'm in a 4G area. Ugh...decisions, decisions!!

Reboot issue? Did you update to the latest software? I have mine rooted, and have Das BAMF 2.1 on it with the newest radio. Have not had a SINGLE reboot since!!

That I have, updated to the new software about a week and a half ago when it was released. Went from having 5-6 reboots a day to 1, maybe 2. It hasn't eliminated it completely and it happens at the worst when I'm on the phone with a client.

i never had the reboot issue with my thunderbolt even when it was stock running BAMF 3.0 RC4.9 now and still no reboots my battery life is just fine and i got netflix streaming :)

I say leave Verizon and go to sprint for the EVO 3d! I got it for 199 and its the best phone out period! No doubt about it!

Sprint is great until your hardware falls apart and they try to blame you for the damage so they don't have to replace it :)

I am disappointed in the price - really thought it would be $249. I mean it's got good specs, but not GREAT specs, only 1GHz processor, should have 1 gig ram for that webtop crap...oh well, I need a new LTE phone and this looks like it will be it, even at $300 bucks!

and as long as people like you give in and just pay what they want, they will keep charging $300 for crap like this!

I'm just curious...

What makes this crap and the GS2 not crap, for phones in the US? Or do you consider the GS2 crap too?

Neither has been released in the US yet. Someone in another forum said both phones are outdated already. I'm wondering if you feel the same way. I'm just curious...

at $299 its $199 its fine. I just think that VZW is milking this LTE thing. I dont think the phones should have a $100 premium over non LTE handsets when we are also locking into a contract for 2 years.

That I do agree with.

And with Sprint having phones cheaper at sucks. Verizon did make the Droid 3 cheaper at retail than some other phones. I know its a fantasy to think they'll do it for the Bionic too.

then how do you suggest they recoup the money they put in to developing their 4g network? And why would they ever spend any money on developing any new technology? Would i like the phone to be less expensive? of course. But its a business and they spent money to make money, so i completely expect to pay more for the newest technologies.

They are recouping those costs through their expensive data pricing structure. The least they could do is give you all a break on the hardware...

Exactly. The specs on this plausibly false image are in no way an upgrade in form factor from my OG Droid. There's no way I would consider taking *this* Bionic, with my open contract I'll grab the SG2 when it lands ASAP—even if I have to switch carriers and stay 3G.

I have the Droid3 and the stats are not that different. I expected more. There are differences but do not seem to be that major to justify. In the end I guess it amounts to how bad you want 4G lol.

I am happy with and the set up is about the same. I like most on here want to jump to 4g but I don't think I like the phone prices. Looks like the dust needs to settle for prices to drop. Out side of no 4g the only downside is the 512 of ram. They have the same processor and software. Same type of screen just a different size. 8mag cam and front cams. Do a compare on states and for yourself. I know everything is not out yet and like I said it amounts to how bad you want 4g. I think I will wait this out. Every other carrier phone is better priced look at the sprint Moto. Photon 199.
I have had the droid3 since pre-launch so if you got ? and I can answer just ask. I have had the X as well so I know them pretty good.

Well, I went and messed with it in my local store this afternoon and I really liked my first impressions of it. I'm alil iffy on Motoblur but I could tell that it wasn't no where near the same Motoblur as the OG, D2, X or X2..totally new it seemed like. I like several things bout it, just worried bout going from Sense (HTC) to a Moto device with Blur. Gotta mess with it alil more but I'm definitely leaning towards it over anything else at the moment.

Specs don't warrant the price. It's pretty much a tbolt which I got for $199. It's just slightly better spec wise but should still be $199-$249.

Can anyone explain why this phone is $100 more than the Motorola Photon? Or $200 more than the Motorola Atrix? (I'm comparing if purchased directly from the providers) I don't mind paying a premium for something fantastic, but umm.... This phone feels too much like the Moto Xoom. It's great for someone who wants bragging rights for two months.....

DDR2 RAM is expensive compared to DDR RAM. Probably costs twice as much. DDR2 ram is super cheap these days so no telling why they don't just put DDR3 in and give us better performance. I bought 4GB of DDR3 RAM for my computer last year for $108 and it now costs $45, just to show you how cheap its getting. It is clocked at 1333MHz but is Dual channel RAM. I believe the D3 has dual channel RAM not sure about this bad boy.

DDR2 is slightly cheaper than DDR1 RAM, and a little more expensive than DDR3.

OMAP4 doesn't support DDR3

This is quite a piece of crap photoshopped job...

Fonts are different in places, smudged photoshopped lines..
don't waste your time believing anything on this.

Actually (and, admittedly, conveniently), the story behind the image (among other things we know about it but cropped out of the image) explain some of the rough edges you see here -- and we see plenty. We'll talk about it on the podcast Thursday night.

Or you could state them rather than plugging your podcast, which likely will just add speculative information no different than 60% of us read on other sites every day.

Edit: Or you can just edit your comment to make me seem like the bad guy. Stay classy.

The infamous pentile screen. Well that makes my decision easier and it will be a NO. Of course, due the Moto cluster on the X upgrade to GB, I was tending to jump to HTC anyway. But now it is for sure.

They keep this up with bad upgrades, bad screens, I might just have to look at the piece of fruit that Verizon sells.

Without getting a closer, more valid, look to see if it is photoshopped, I'm gonna say that it's photoshopped, if only because I just went on a frenetic search for any of the graphics or XML files that could possibly be used to make a flash movie which that picture is a screenshot of, and I found nothing. That being said, it would be extremely easy to photoshop that based off of a screenshot from one of the droid flash movies.

Or maybe it hasn't been uploaded to VZW's website yet? maybe this is from an insider and its only available on Verizon's internal network and not the website.

Besides for the fact this it is clearly photoshopped,there is definitely the possibility that Verizon doesn't use the pages I have access to for testing

Same specs.. So what the point of delaying this phone since Spring? 4.3 screen? Horrible. Motorola pulled to be more competitive with other phone because it wanted a BETTER UNIT, yet the spec is EXACTLY the same.


what do you want? I mean pretty much every phone is 4.3. People bitch about everything damn. If you dont like it dont buy it. Simple as that.

The DROID BIONIC wasn't delayed , that's it correct time line
Motorola already said from the get-go when they announced it (back in CES) that DROID BIONIC will be released on Q3 , but with the rumors about being scrapped , they had to say they redesigned it

In the beginning it had 512MB ram, and no webtop. Its a totally different hardware design now too.

Awesome - Just a matter of time til HTC releases their Dual-Kajigger 4-Kajigger phone on Verizon. F-The-ThunderBolt...kajigger!

When has verizon ever released a top tier phone not at a top tier price??? Never so stop whining o
r dont buy it..

All signs really point to has the CES Etna software.... also where's that silver/chrome lining?

The image might have been Photoshop, but I bet they really do try to sell it for $300.

I'll pass. I'm ready to upgrade from the DX, but I think on going to wait for the GS2. Moto has better hardware, but not worth $300 for the specs & locked bootloader.

The reviews on the GS2 are outstanding, and I know I can root it easily

OH MY FREAKING GOD...$299? This prices on Verizon are really getting ridiculous. I say skip it or wait until it drops in price at a place like wirefly...crazy really

I don't want to even begin to point out how many graphical flaws there are in this screen shot.

This is very much a photoshop job.

While I do not doubt that will be the price, (maybe even $350, which wouldn't surprise me in the least) this is a hack job of the highest order.

Edit: ajm beat me to the punch, might I add a couple of more instance for you; take a look at both instances of the DROID BIONIC stacked text. Verizon would let that logo go without it being completely justified. The word BIONIC is in two different spots on each logo.

I think it is more than safe to call this a FAKE.

If Verizon approved this sorry excuse for a info page, lol I'm pretty sure someone would be losing there job. This is pretty messy looking, there are chopped graphics, the text fonts are mixed up, the bottom edge of the Bionic doesn't look right and its not rounded like its been showing up in leaked pictures. I say its fake. Could be a controlled leak though.

WOW. Is the same idiot who priced the Xoom pricing the Bionic? They didn't learn their lesson from the Xoom flop? You can't charge more for something that isn't an iPhone and expect it to sell well. People will look at this next to an iPhone for $199 and say- "Give me the iPhone" and then this becomes a bigger flop than the Xoom. Way to go VZW.

I just got a DX2 as a replacement for a 2nd failed DX. I compared the new pentile display on the DX2 (same as Bionic) to the DX.

The pentile display, although brighter, is very pixelated. Diagonal lines look jagged. This is obvious from a normal viewing distance even with my poor eyesight. If the Bionic really uses the pentile display, it will never be a premium phone. You can't have a premium phone with a crappy budget display, period.

I will be waiting for the SG2.

I think the biggest proof that it's fake is the fact that it has the bottom of the Droid pasted on it. Just look at it.

I won't pay $300 for a phone. I got my OG Moto Droid for $99. I can wait for Bestbuy or someone else to put it on sale, or just take a pass altoghether.
I agree with Dark_Blu and may get an iPhone myself when my "new every 2" comes up in November. That is assuming they don't charge $300 for the new iPhone.