Galaxy Note 8

Samsung continues its rollout of Android 4.4 across its vast range of mobile devices, and the latest to get the KitKat update is the Wifi-only Galaxy Note 8.0. From today the Wifi-only version of Samsung's first Note tablet has begun getting its update, starting with devices purchased in the UK.

According to initial reports from SamMobile, Note 8.0 owners can look forward to improved performance and battery life, among the standard KitKat features like wireless printing, redesigned notification icons and full screen album art.

If you're rocking a British Galaxy Note 8.0, head to Settings > About tablet > Software update (or plug into Samsung's Kies desktop app) to see if your update is ready.

Source: SamMobile

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GreenBerry84 says:

I was about to send this in, just posted in the forums mine's downloading now. :)
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DAS says:

This is good news.

I really like my Note 8.0 because that size dimension works perfect for my business and personal use.

I was hoping Samsung had made a Pro Series Note in the 8" size.

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What about us limey yanks across the pond?

fuzzylumpkin says:

That makes no sense. Limeys are Brits, yanks are American.

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Who do you think came across the pond? And fought the war of independence? From their fellow Brits?

I'm pretty sure the original Note 10.1 was Samsung's first Note tablet.

jnaught says:

Not only was the 10.1 the first note tablet, it will now be the last to get the Kit Kat update (if we get it at all). Way to reward us early adopters, Samsung!

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solotallboy says:

I'm in the US and got my update this morning!! Awesome.

darthbumdart says:

Nothing in Canada so far :(

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Aren't Canadian Note 8 owners still on the original 4.1?


My note 8.0 is on 4.1.2.

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scott.sb87 says:

That's strange, my Canadian Note 8 is on 4.2.2. Currently downloading an update :) Would assume this is the KitKat update :)

sonician says:

Still nothing here either. Just checked (12:30pm Eastern time on Tuesday)


And that's why I am not buying another Samsung product again.

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lkovach says:

Great, another device getting KitKat that is NOT the GALAXY S3!

NoNexus says:

Not sure what carrier you are on, but Sprint already posted the Open source parts and there is a (supposed) final version leak already over on XDA.

Samsung said around the end of May and it looks to be on track. I would say the second week of June at the latest.

That being said, you are not missing out on much going from 4.3 to 4.4.2

lkovach says:

I'm on Verizon and I think Sprint got the official OTA already

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darthbumdart says:

Mine is on 4.1.2

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kcspre says:

I want the updated s pen app like on the note 3

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Did the note 8 ever get multi user mode?

My dad just got KitKat on his Note 8! Looks the same. Anyone know if they will ever allow us Samsung users to get Samsung's new Touchwhiz UX? My Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 is getting KitKat soon and I NEED that new Touchwhiz!!!

Doesn't work. Update stalls and fails. Samsung Note reset to stock. Won't download with Kies and OTA install fails. Going back to an iPad and sending this bit of junk back to Korea for a refund. Been in for service 3 times for quality issues and it takes them weeks to fix. No 'Samsung stores' to take it to.