Note 3Samsung Argentina has revealed two new color options for its oversized Galaxy Note 3 handset today — "rose gold" and red — bringing the total number of color variants up to five. The rose gold Note 3 is white, like the standard "classic white" version, but with bronze accents around its edges, buttons and camera. The red version is — well, red.

There's no official indication as to when, or even if these new colors will spread outside of Argentina, but recent rumors from Samsung fansite SamMobile point to the red version launching internationally in the first week of 2014, followed two weeks later by the rose gold model.

Source: Samsung, SamMobile


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Samsung unveils red and 'rose gold' Galaxy Note 3 in Argentina


You get used to the phone after a week. I may go with a bigger phone next time.

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I think so too,that's why I'll never own one.Sent from my IPhone 5 :-)

Sent from my Note 3 rockin Jelly Bean 4.3

Don't know about the s pen, but the cover should be easy to get

So where is the competition for the Note 3? Oh right there isn't any...

Liking that rose gold a lot. Of course, after I put a case on it, it would look just like my white one does now

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At first I was going to say how much it sucks that we never get the cool colors in the US but then I thought I'm just going to put a case on it anyway. So I guess it really doesn't matter.

I agree accept what still shows up like the front face area. Otherwise you are right. Would be hard to appreciate it. Only other option is the completely transparent cases which I own for my Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

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I want to get the Red one with red accents and put a White Flip Cover on it.


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Cant believe we have some exclusivity here in Argentina! Anyways, here the Note 3 is about 1600 dollars unlocked, so it's pretty much impossible to get

They lost me with that faux leather. I just can't stand Samsung design decisions, just ugly imho. Also I hate having physical buttons, too many time with onscreen keys makes you hate them :(