Samsung Transform user guide

The Samsung Transform may not be available from Sprint just yet (or even announced for that matter), but the user guide (.pdf) can now be found at Sprint's website, nestled away with the other phone documents.  I had a quick look through it, appears that the Transform will be sporting a horizontal qwerty and a 3MP camera, running Android 2.1, and there's no mention of 4G that I can see. 

Also -- if the device images in the guide are accurate, this one isn't Galaxy S branded either.  Here's hoping it gets the same level of support from Samsung and Sprint that the Epic 4G has, because it looks like one of Sprint's best mid level phones ever.  Hit the source link to read all about it. [Sprint (.pdf file)] Thanks, Jaggery, for the tip!


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Samsung Transform user guide is now on Sprint's website


Why not just get an Epic? Just like the other phone on Verizon, it's pretty pointless besides being a bit cheaper

I'm guessing this may have a slightly slower processor and/or an lcd instead of super amoled, but if it runs stock android (the lockscreen and notifications bar in those screenshots are stock) it would still be a pretty cool alternative at a lower price.

This will likely be for those people that don't have $250 to pay upfront for an Epic 4G and if it doesn't have 4G then won't also have the additional $10 a month charge.

So cheaper upfront and monthly costs with probably less power then the Galaxy S phones.

I WANT this. I'm 16 and i think it would be perfect. I was thinking about getting the Epic but it's an extra $10 a month and my mom isn't too excited about that.

It also has a front facing camera! Page 133 of the manual

It also has a Froyo launcher but i think it might have 2.1.

Dang! I wanted this to be an Epic without the keyboard and without 4G. There's No 4G in my area so I hate paying the fee. Also, I don't use the keyboard all that much. This will be a nice mid-range phone though (not what I was looking for)

Have they taken it down, because when I try to download it all I get is a one page PDF that says "Users Guide" on it and nothing else.

Same here. Where is it? The phone isn't even listed on the support page. What happened; changed their minds?

Im surprised they arent emphasizing the fact that a mid ranged Android device has a front facing camera. That is big in itself

oh god what a big let down, i was really hoping that this device would be the epic with out the stupid sliding keyboard, and even if it was just 3g i would of got it anyway but now all of my dreams are gone, sprint please let it be a keyboard-less epic please....

I'm happy that it doesn't have 4g because I can convince the rest of my family to upgrade to this phone without adding 40$ a month in 4g costs (yeah it adds up, people. Especially for a family of 5). This way I can still chat with them via Qik and not have to pay too much up front. I may even get this on ebay for my mom after it's released since the upgrades for them isn't until august of next year. I'll look into it.

Can anyone post the original PDF??? looks like it's been pulled... I agree with others - this is the perfect mid-range device I've been looking for for my wife. The Intercept was way too low-end (to put it kindly, and the Epic, although it can be had for a more reasonable $199 at The Shack, is still a victim of the $10/month 4G tax, which by the way is $240 over the life of the 2-year contract, even if you don't use it (which you won't, trust me, I have the Evo 4G).

Someone, please share a link to the PDF, thanks!

No thank you!

After the disaster that was the Moment, I would never get a mid-range, unsupported phone from Samsung ever again!

You could up it on any site like or even your google docs and make it set to a public doc. Then just post the link here.

I can access it, but it says the document is not available. Did you happen to make it private instead of public?


I just re-upped my pictures I posted to google_docs and changed the settings to "Anyone with the link" and was able to access it remotely.

Nevermind my friend it's now loading!

Thanks so much for the upload!

I've posted my findings elsewhere, but I'll post them here too, since someone asked about the screen size.

Using the diagram the FCC has public of the FCC label located on the SPH-M920 one can infer what the 2D dimensions of the phone are by scaling.

Height - 114 mm
Width - 59 mm

Height - 72 mm
Width - 48 mm
Hypotenuse - 86.5 mm (3.4 inches)

Hope this little bit of information helps in some way with the specs of the phone.

I'm including links to two pictures an overlay of the phone and an original that I used for scaling.


Google Docs

Well... It is just an inference from what we have thus far... It could be 3.5, then again it could be smaller ;P My math is decent enough that it's prolly in that range, not near 4", just don't quote me on on 3.4"

The screenshots in the manual show clearly that this is Android 2.2. At least in the screenshots. That "Application Tab", the square with all the dots, that's 2.2.

I got my hands on one briefly yesterday and I will say that regardless of the keyboard layout, it is one of the best keyboards available on an Android device right now! It feels really really good and is spaced out just right. It is way better than the TouchPro2 keyboard... Only thing missing is a dedicated d-pad on the left side for gaming... anyway, I was able to sneak a peak at the build in settings and it says 2.1 eclair. So there you have it folks.

It would be good if this wasn't on sprint because this looks just like the epicjust the keyboard is a tad different. And for it not being 4 inches you people can't expect it to be big like the high end phones its mid ranged for a reason. Be happy you got a nice phone at sprint that's not 4g:)

It is a great phone, I am actuaally currently on mine. It's alright runs slow but does the job. Wifi makes it easier when I'm at places with wifi. The sound is amazing on the phone. Yes it has two cameras. The one on the front isn't to decent. Finding a case that won't break after the first time you drop it is impossible. Luckly I haven't broken the screen yet. And screen protections are out of the question. Vibration on it is soft and very quiet. But Its a great phone and I like it. Keyboard is a good size.