Samsung Mobile Unpacked

That little box can only mean one thing -- it's time for another Samsung Mobile Unpacked event. Let's refresh: In March 2010 we go the Samsung Galaxy S at the first unpacked event. Mobile World Congress this past February was huge, bringing us the Galaxy S II and Galaxy Tab 10.1. And at CTIA this past March, we got a redesigned Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the Galaxy Tab 8.9. (Where is that thing, anyway!)

And now Samsung's got something cooking for the IFA show in Berlin in a few weeks. What's in store for this one? Judging from Samsung's promo video (see it after the break), it's looking like something handheld, but bigger than a phone. A revamped 7-inch Galaxy Tab, perhaps? Remember that it debuted last fall at IFA, so it's probably due.

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Samsung teases new 'Unpacked' event at Berlin's IFA conference


Honeycomb 7" tab obviously...

i dunno how long until the 10.1 is damn released!!!! need 3G with 32GB ... DARN YOU APPLE SHIT!!! Get cancer (oh wait, the CEO he already has it :/)

Yup, 7inch tab with the new Super AMOLED HD screen and Honeycomb. When are they going to use that liquavista tech? I'm curious to see if that display tech can greatly decrease battery poweer consumption. Coupled with some new power management innovations, would be nice to get 2-3 days off one charge.

Doubt it's a tab. People don't talk on tab's like they do on phones and in the vid the guy talks on it like a phone. So if we're taking the video literal its not a tab. Judging by the brightness of the product, i'm going to go as far as saying maybe its a 4.5" Super AMOLED HD phone?

Correct. Rewatching it without my biased hopes,lol, it does seem way too small to be a 7" tab. Definitely has to be a phone.. NEXUS PRIME?!!? *drools*

Idk, I don't think Samsung would be the one to announce the Nexus Prime. That's something Google will do.

Could they unpack GB for the Epic, no, that can't be right. They already got my money and ran. Whatever it is they can pack it right back up and shove it up their a$$.

Hahaaa. Too funny. I wonder how many people will have to worry about being bitter towards the U.S. S2 updates seeing how it's not even out yet over here still. This unpacked event may further hurt U.S. S2 sales by diverting attention if the event does cover an ICS Nexus.

Whatever it is will most likely be for Euro and Asia at first and then eventually move it's way to the states. Wouldn't make sense to launch something for the states at a Euro show.

At the end they day something "big" is coming... Maybe they mean a 4.5 (or bigger screen phone?) With a super amoled + screen?

Doubtful that it is a revamped 7" tab. At the end of the video they say "something big is coming", last time I checked no one ever referred to a 7" tablet as big. Could be a 5" phone though.

I'm guessing it's the new SAMOLED HD display along with the new 7 inch tablet. Sept 1 is too early for the Nexus 3 to be "officially announced" but maybe Samsung will likely say these displays will soon be available in phones...... Just a thought