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That's what Ryan Biden from Samsung had to say early into this one, as he sat down with John P. and Rene to talk about the new Galaxy Pro gear they brought to CES 2014. We think he's right, as even the 8.4-inch version packs a mind-blowing 2560 x 1600 resolution LCD.

Of course there is more to the new tablets than just the screen, and Ryan goes over the new Magazine UI, reasons why 12.2-inches makes sense for the big Tab and Note Pro, and takes a few minutes to show how to customize the screens to get any look you want.

And you know they just had go over the hardware details as well, and with features like USB 3.0 and LAN support (via an adapter) there is plenty to talk about. 

If you're interested in Samsung's new Pro tablets for 2014, this one is a must-watch.


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Samsung talks new tablets at #CESlive


You know what's even more mind blowing? That that 8.4 inch screen has a higher resolution than my Sony 60" 1080p LED TV -_-

They did make more sense of the Magazine UI. Although I have reservations about the size and weight. Now will these features be coming to the Note 10.1 when these Pro tabs hit the market?

That is precisely the question I was about to post! I've never been a fan of Touchwiz. I have avoided buying the Note exactly for this reason, waiting instead to see if a new Nexus 10 would be announced. However, I am a fan of this new Magazine UI, and the performance doesn't seem to take a hit... looks very smooth.

My only problem now is that 12.2 inches is way too big for carrying around. I may consider the Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1, but I would sort of like the S-Pen.

So John asked if it would be priced below $999 as if that is acceptable. If that 12.2 is more than $699 they will sit on the shelf. Really, it needs to be $599 but that probably won't happen. Personally, I'm done with Samsung until they get rid of the physical button setup.

I think it will sit on the shelf regardless. That screen size is meant for a laptop in my opinion and needs the keyboard as a stand.

What's up with the hatred of the physical home button ? I personally prefer a physical home button than a capacitive one and having to turn the device to get to the side to turn it on my the power button. A reason I love the iphones/iPod/iPad devices are simply because of the physical home button and how more easier and reliable it is to turn on the device

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I agree. I have a Nexus 7 and I cannot stand the fact that I have to fumble around for the power button to turn on the device.

My Note 10.1 2014 and GN3, with there home buttons are so much more useful for how I use my device.

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Nah, that physical button does suck. And it's ugly. I wish they would move to onscreen buttons like everyone else already!

Come on man... you should get that reference if you are a tech guy.

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I want that Note Pro now more than ever! I hope the price point isn't too high.

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