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"Save the date" e-mails are landing for a special event to be held by Samsung Electronics America next month, where the manufacturer promises to show off its "newest Galaxy device." The e-mail sent out today indicates that this will be a "major product announcement," but gives no real clues as to what exactly will be unveiled.  We're pretty sure the Galaxy Note 2 is on the horizon, but all indications are that that device will instead be making its debut at the IFA show in Berlin in late August. That aside, other candidates for the August 15 event include the newly-announced T-Mobile Galaxy Note, and the Galaxy Note 10.1, which we first saw at Mobile World Congress, and which is said to have recently undergone some hardware changes.

So we'll probably be in for a bit of a surprise, but our money's on some sort of tablet announcement, whether or not it's a model we've seen at a previous event. If you've got any wild theories, let us know down below...


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Samsung to show new Galaxy device at Aug. 15 event


I don't think the nexus is coming till the end of the year. Its still in the top 3 devices if not #1. The GS3 would be the only one above it.

Besides the hardware, Samsung should also concentrate on its software:

1. More (timelier) OS updates

2. Better Kies software (which currently Sux).
- It's hard to beat iTunes for its simplicity!

So many Samsung dates :| Aug. 15, 29 and 30? My brain cannot handle this!! ahhhhh! Still looking forward to this Galaxy Note 10.1. Go Sammy go!