Epic 4G

Sprint has announced the latest Froyo update for the Sprint Epic 4G will begin rolling out today, and Samsung follows through with some source code.  Nothing here for the average Joe, but your independent developers will be all over this and true custom Froyo ROMs for the Epic will show up and make all your geeky dreams come true.  Look in the Epic 4G hacking forums to keep up to date on all of them.

If you're one of those developers, want to become one, or are just curious hit the source link and search "EC05" for the download.  Now the wait for Gingerbread begins. [Samsung Open Source Release Center via @Paul627G]


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Samsung releases Sprint Epic 4G EC05 source code


Despite all the stupid mistakes Samsung and/or Sprint made with this phone, it's still really well-designed.

Still waiting for a Nexus with a hardware keyboard.

Just some anecdotal semi-advice... I've had a physical keyboard on my phone since the LG Rumor, way back when, and always assumed I needed one... but the Epic's recent dropped-letter keyboard glitch, combined with a split thumb that caused typing on the physical keyboard to be painful, forced me to use the onscreen keyboard for the first time... and it turns out it was pretty easy and pretty reliable. I've always been a good typist, so maybe I just have a good sense of where the letters are... but I plan to get a phone *without* a physical keyboard for the first time this year... just as soon as Sprint puts out a decent dual-core with a 4.3" screen... and a LANYARD HOLE!!

Since I haven't seen this posted up on A|C yet, the Samsung Transform is also scheduled to get Froyo today. Just do a twitter search for "Transform Froyo" and you"ll see the official post from Sprint. Nothing much new except speed performance upgrades and a landscape fix along with the other Froyo goodies.

This is the first upgrade where there is nothing to get excited about. After the last 2 botched upgrades Sprint released, I was compelled to Root and customize my kernel to fix what Sprint and Samsung so blatantly ignored. So release a Hot New Android and we will contemplate upgrade...........