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We know how much you kids crave storage, and so for prospective Galaxy S3 buyers in India we bring good news. Until now, only the 16GB variant of the latest Samsung flagship have been available in the country. But, Samsung India is changing all that with the release of the 32GB version.

In stock now over on Samsung India's website, the 32GB Galaxy S3 is available in both the Metallic Blue and Ceramic White colors. Pricing is set at Rs.41500 (£476/$747) which is on the hefty side, but then we are talking a premium device and more available storage, and isn't a massive amount more than the 16GB S3.

Source: Samsung India via Sammyhub


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Samsung India starts offering the 32GB Galaxy S3


32GB on a phone?

What are you people doing? For this price your better off with a phone and a cheap tablet.

wow it's the price without a 2 year contract which mostly you have and are gloating about your 199 bucks s3 you idiot...

Something that the writer has omitted in the article is that phones in India are unlocked and for $749, you are getting a no-contract unlocked S3, which is a pretty good price for a high end phone.

The other thing left unsaid is if it is the International 3G/UMTS/HSPA version or an LTE version.

If LTE, then one has to dig deeper to find if LTE in India is compatible with any US Carriers.