Hercules and Ruby

Two really interesting new phones are soon to be released on T-Mobile, the Samsung Hercules and the HTC Ruby.  We now know at least a tentative date for their arrival, October 26.  Both of which are "4G capable and share many similar top of the line features and also [are] the fastest smartphones in the market" according to T-mobile.  I'm not sure we can argue too much when we have a look at the rumored specs of them: a 4.3 inch qHD display, 1GB RAM and a 1.5GHz dual-core CPU for the Ruby, and 4.5 inch Super AMOLED Plus, 1.2GHz dual-core CPU, and 16GB of internal memory for the Hercules.  Either looks like a real winner, and should make any Android fan pretty happy. 

Of course, these dates are likely as not to change, but at least we know the ballpark. 

Source: TMoNews

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intheb0x says:

4.5 inch sounds sexy ;)

supa_dupa says:

But 480x800 just killed my mojo....

I must admit I have desire to purchase that HTC RUBY just to add to my already industry leading HTC EVO 3D. I am an HTC SUPPORTER TO THE HILT as well as sprint that will NEVER CHANGE I BLEED EVO FAMILY GOLD. But for the HTC RUBY I will join tmobile cause I knew they will sell this device at a respectable price like they always do and this device will have the some of the internals of what will be next year's EVO BRAND in 2012 with the new sense 3.5. Just with that alone to go along with the new qualcomm chipset clocked at 1.5 Ghz I will start early this year enjoying some of the future features of my future evo. This will be a great addition to my EVO 3D...

shingi_70 says:

Up until its death tmobile gets the best phones.

intheb0x says:

you know when tmobile had roaming agreements with att, it was some of the best wireless service ive ever had.

so maybe in the end this is better for tmo, because i had them for 7 years, once they got rid of those agreements, there service went to crap, i had edge all over the state and barely any signal in areas i used to have full bars roaming on att.

so i hope this is better for them in the long run.

as long as vzw doesnt gobble sprint.

Go Android! says:

I'm sorry but these specs are getting a little overboard. The whole thing about processor speeds and multi-core processors is just a gimmick.

You're just a gimmick. With that silly 3 in your name.

PingaDulce says:

And I guess you feel incredible behind a keyboard?

KwietStorm says:


hoosiercub says:

You're more than welcome to go back to a 600-800Mhz SingleCore Arm7 device. Nobody will miss you :-)

MOTH477 says:

Are you just trying to provoke an argument? How can the specs be gimmick? I have a MT4G that has a 1ghz processor. I had a chance to play with a buddy's EVO 3D that has 1.2 dual core. The difference in performance was significant. My MT4G seemed to lag while EVO 3D was very fluid. So I don't think the specs are "gimmick". The question we should be asking is what the companies are doing to improve battery life to facilitate the improvements in CPU and GPU.

Go Android! says:

It's just like 3D. It's stupid. What the hell is the difference between 1.2 and 1.5ghz dual core? What's the point of quad-core? There's no pint of it if you're still getting stupid force closes.

B4SDR4G says:

Do you know what cores and processors mean?

MOAR speed.

It's not a gimmick. If you want Honeycomb running smoothly, you'll need fast processors.

shingi_70 says:

If the dates do change I bet the Hercules comes out in September or late august.

Sniper1087 says:

I hope so last leak said September 26 hopefully it comes then or earlier.

PingaDulce says:

The document says to be released on October 26th. How can you expect it to be released in September 26th or even late August?

grayfox99 says:

That picture of the Hercules is the same photoshopped pic that has been floating around of the Hercules for months, I dont know how official that picture is.

Floss82 says:

I don't know about you guys but i've been noticing that ever since the news broke about AT&T buying T-Mobile next year(hopefully it won't happen) i think T-Mobile has been going in hard with all these new devices, so far they've been having a pretty good strong line-up next to Verizon. So go ahead Tmo kill the competition, i'll be right with you guys holding my Htc Sensation 4G up high:)

DWR_31 says:

I left Tmobile for unlimited data and 3D on Sprint.

Best move I ever made.

Can anyone say "Its a THRILL", guess not, huh.

IAmAPhoenix says:

The Hercules is T-Mobile's SGS2, correct? I hope Verizon's doesn't take 2 months to come out.. My OG Droid is dying and wants to be upgraded.

jimmyk0789 says:

So the Ruby is just a sensation with a ram and processer bump

Cubfan says:

So it looks like Tmo gets the 4.5 inch monster more than a month after the other guys. Good luck with that.