Samsung Galaxy S II

We have been waiting for quite a while to see some of the US variants of the Samsung Galaxy S II, and earlier this week we saw an un-named slider leak out, and it appears as though that was the AT&T version. BGR has some leaked images of the AT&T version of the Samsung Galaxy S II, which has a slide out keyboard, for better or for worse. It is still yet to be seen whether it will release with a different name, or they will keep the Galaxy S II name, but earlier reports are showing that the devices are set to launch in the US sometime in August, which is right around the corner. So, did the keyboard kill it for you, or are you still interested? Let us know!

Source: BGR

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Yoshiaka13 says:

Eh not impressed. Obviously its going to do well based on specs and not design.

pDoG says:


Stang68 says:

Just be 4G on Verizon...please?

TBolt says:

and, don't have that stupid physical keyboard . . . please! AT&T killed this phone.

nemov says:

Please don't let this happen to the VZW version. I have the original Droid and don't want a keyboard. It would be a shame if they ruin the phone with a needless keyboard.

bigdav1178 says:

Newsflash: There are already tons of slab phones available for you to choose from on Verizon.

Don't whine about the possibility of there being another option from those of us that want physical keyboards on our phones. Besides, I doubt VZW will be getting the keyboarded variety; it's my guess that the best we'll see is the Epic variant leaked last week.

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mrrobotanger says:

Agreed. Moved from droid to sensation, I don't think I'll ever go back to a keyboard.

Keyboards are so unnecessary .... folks who live or die by hardware keys haven't really TRIED to use software keys... just stubborn outdated thinking. Once you get used to a software keyboard its no different from a hardware one.

9lives353 says:

Maybe I'm out of touch but after about nine months combined with an iPhone / Atrix I really want to get back to a keyboard. Really don't like touchscreen typing. I actually miss my BB Bold.

Jonneh says:

Yeah, unfortunately same here. And no, I'm not old (I'm 22) lol. Banging out a quick text or e-mail took a lot less time on my Bold 9000 than my Atrix, it's just a fact. I love my Atrix, don't get me wrong. I just want to have a go at a real keyboard again. Although in terms of keyboards, I really would prefer something like the Droid Pro on AT&T; I prefer portrait keys so you can just bang it out with your two thumbs. Much quicker than trying to stretch your hands/fingers across the entire lengths of the cellphone lol.

mdoyal1 says:

To be honest I don't blame you for wanting to go back to a keyboard. I have a Captivate and it's perfect for onscreen typing, I've gotten so used to it. But when I use my friends iPhone or anything with a smaller screen it tends to get a bit hard for me to type.

mdoyal1 says:

Double Post

hmmm says:

Emulators are much, much better on a hardware keyboard.

Zerromi says:

Or they have tried them - practically every one, from Swype to Swiftkey to the Gingerbread stock keyboard to Thumb Keyboard - and they're all pieces of shit compared to a good hardware keyboard.

So fuck off.

peterfares says:

Hear, hear.

So many whiners about the keyboard. 90% of the new devices I see are slates and that disappoints me, but I don't go whining that they don't have a keyboard. There usually is ONE good device with a keyboard per year that I can use on AT&T. It looks like this is it.

Zerromi says:

AT&T's doing better than Verizon in that regard. I'm STILL waiting for a device with LTE, good specs, and a keyboard. :/

For many, its not just the tactility and size that draws us to the hardware keyboard...there's a distinct advantage of being able to devote the entire screen to the content you're viewing instead of seeing only 50% of it due to the software keyboard covering it up.

Even worse is when you try to type in landscape: you're only able to see the text field you selected and nothing more. You can't scroll up to reference information for context, etc.

Not to mention that hardware keyboards are a boon to people who run emulators for gaming.

That's why I'm excited about a legitimate high-end device coming with a slide out keyboard. I'm on verizon and the warmed over Epic with LTE that verizon is getting is nice...but not truly special nor attractive. If Verizon (and others) offered this along side a touchscreen only Galaxy S II variant, then it would make everyone happy.

elsint says:

Why would I wanna carry a keyboard all the time when I use it only 1% of the time I use the phone. Plus, it kills the killing feature(slimness) of this phone.

meany105 says:

the "slimness" is the "killing feature"?!?!?!


the killing feature isn't the fastest proccessor availible in an android device, or the 4.3in screen, or the super amoled plus screen, or the 8mp camera capable of 1080p video recording, or the NFC capabilities. NOOOOOOOOOO... the killing feature is the fact that it is 2mm thinner than the other phones...


I am going to cry. Any other ATT devices down the pike that can come close minus a keyboard?

spielnicht says:

[Moto] Nexus 4G, rumored around October for AT&T (first this time).

1.2GHz or 1.5GHz (OMAP 4460 or Krait-based Snapdragon)
4G LTE Radio
1080p HD video capture/playback
And of course...Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.


Drat, not a huge Moto fan, was hoping for a comparable HTC. Oh well, maybe this is still just a rumor and all hope is not yet lost.

Thanks for the info though!

jangarang says:

Is that dual core?

frozencloud says:

This is such a downer....i was looking forward to that SGS2 for over 7 months and now they throw a keyboard on there? I guess I will have to pass this time. sigh...hopefully Nexus 3 or whatever it's call would impress me as the Original SGS2 did.

Tiguere says:

Didnt we see the verizon version like 2 werks ago sporting the LTE chipset. Im sure that was the function. Samsung is gonna cheap out on the specs

mdoyal1 says:

That phone for Verizon was confirmed that it wasn't going to be an SGS2 variant.

Myself says:

I for one like it. Though part of me would rather see a straight, normal Galaxy SII come over without changes, at the moment, I still think I'd go for this one. When I first got an all-touch screen phone a few years ago, I hated it and wanted nothing more than a fully qwerty keyboard. Now I've gotten used to them, so I would still likely use the software keyboard the majority of the time. However, there are instances in which I want a little more precision, and having a physical keyboard would be a great addition for me in those moments. As long as it's relatively thin (I don't need it to be the thinnest phone in existence, I prefer some meat to my phones...just don't make it a solid brick either), chances are high I'll snag it upon release.

pixie91075 says:

I have been waiting and waiting and waiting to get rid of my piece of crap iPhone for this handset, but the keyboard just makes it seem cheep and childish... I guess it boils down to disappointment. Looks like I'll be waiting a little longer... for what, I'm not sure.

Zerromi says:

"but the keyboard just makes it seem cheep and childish"

That is the most asinine and idiotic statement I've seen on AC. Congrats.

baddison says:

Love this phone. Can't wait to get it in my hands. Been waiting for a keyboard device with "top-notch" specs. I will be looking for this real soon!

Rem3Dy says:

Why do American carriers have to ruin such a good looking phone!!!!! Sprint you better not screw it up!!!!

DroidXDoes4G says:

The phone just looks cheap.

Samsung does that a lot.
The original GS2 in other countries looks better.

chezbi says:

If this happens to the sprint version, I might cry. I've been holding out on buying the 3d since my pre broke and I was even going to skip out on the photon. Here's to the hopes that sprint didn't add a keyboard like the epic :)

hmmm says:

Why wouldn't it? Sprint's last Galaxy phone was the Epic. This will probably be the Epic 2.

judasmachine says:

Please no physical kb on VZW. Please! It was marketed as thin, don't do this to us please! It's OK for any other carrier, just not as a slider on Verizon.... Did I say please yet?

It really needs to come to Verizon...bionic is just pissing me off

andddlay says:

@chezbi did you not see this article?
Doesn't look like it'll have a qwerty.

Meister_Li says:

That's actually what I REALLY want. :P I only hope it comes to Europe or at least work on European 3G, so I can import it. If it has the same Radio as the Galaxy S II over here, that's quite likely, as that one works on AT&T as well.

s2h2golf says:

Glad I decided to go with the Atrix to replace my GPS-disabled Captivate. I would not have been happy to see this come out, especially since the Atrix isn't on sale anymore at Best Buy. Very disappointed in the design.

DroidATX says:

Wow! AT&T totally raped this thing! I hope Srpint keeps it as original as possibe. Thin and powerful is the whole reason this phones is so popular overseas!!

gregba says:

How do we know this is the Galaxy S2? Not trying to be a prick with that question, I just dont see where we know for sure it is the GS2, maybe I missed something?

My point exactly. These leaks just don't add up sometimes. I don't recall seeing this model number on anything recently, so why is it automatically the GS2? I guess we'll see.

mdoyal1 says:

I agree with you. People don't remember this but AC did have a post of a case for the Galaxy S2 that said it was for Sprint, Verizon and AT&T. That was a single piece case, so if that were true, this could be a variant of the S2 but maybe not the true S2

frozencloud says:

im praying you are right about this. i hate keyboards. but it would be cool if they get 2 version if the S2

elsint says:

Original post has the model no., unfortunately...

nemov says:

I'm not sure it matters but the model number doesn't match what passed through the FCC in May.

falconeight says:

I guess if you like physical keys its second to none. If not then its a piece of junk. I am glad i have a international version

If this phone comes with a smaller 4" screen, then I'm gonna just get an unlocked international version. if 4.3 still, I'll give it a try.

Richillion says:

This isn't the worst thing if the specs stay the same. People who hate keyboards can get the imported version, and still use hspa+.. I personally think they should never have changed anything, but I can't help but feel apple might have something to do with AT&T's choice to change the device.

MazoMark says:

Way to bork up a perfectly good phone AT&T.

Versed says:

Of course if it was Sprint, it would be 'Way to go".

It will probably be the thinnest qwerty after moto just release the droid 3

rserda says:

If this IS the S2.. DAMMIT!! The whole point of the phone.. is it's THINNESS!?!?! it's the package that pulls it all together... all that juice in a slim case.. and a huge screen... but add the KB.. now it's TWICE as thick!?! this would suck for sure if they really do this.. been waiting forever and saving my upgrade for this beast.. then they pull THIS.. :/ we'll wait and see WHAT they pull outta the hat!?


The Sprint variant doesn't have a keyboard, based on the leaked pix.
AT&T just ruined a great phone. You can have your 30 day exclusive now, AT&T =P

JayWill says:

Well to be fair to AT&T, they do lack a good Android based slider, which is probably their reason for going this route with the SGS2. Much like Sprint did last year with the Galaxy S (Epic 4G). Meanwhile they have the Atrix and iPhone for all-touch options, and probably know that the die hard SGS2 lovers would buy an unlocked international version and activate on their network anyways. It does seem to add up.

John Hardin says:

... I like the keyboard. So there.

maerlim says:

Prediction: AT&T will have 2 "Galaxy-S II" phones. One without a keyboard and one with. One of which will be called the "Captivate 2".

maerlim says:

I have an upgrade available now and one available in November. My wife prefers a keyboard, and I do not. I may pick this up now and ignore the keyboard then give it to my wife in November while I pick up whatever AT&T has with ICS and LTE. Hmm...

nitestorm says:

Too bad it doesn't have the row of number keys like the droid3 does. I'm sure they will come up with the no-keyboard phone since they are more popular.

Yab#AC says:

Lol. I've been waiting over a year for an Android Slider from AT&T. All the people that prefer no keyboards have tons of other phone options.

Jonneh says:

lmao no kidding. I'm in the same boat as you, but I couldn't wait any longer and got an Atrix. There's like 50 phones for every 1 slider these manufacturer's put out, and as for high-range sliders? What, 3? And AT&T doesn't even own ONE high-end slider? This choice makes absolute perfect sense.

Asbjörn says:

If this slider is in fact AT&T branded, then LG messed up by underpricing the Thrill 4G at $100. Just about all of us were expecting a thin black slab of SGS2 sans a keyboard. Perhaps buyers who were waiting patiently for this phone will look to the Thrill 4G now.

elsint says:

It IS AT&T, look at the signal strength

Tyndall says:

Very glad the Sprint version won't have the KB.

ltfrazer says:

If the Verizon version has a slider keyboard then my decision is made for me between the Bionic and the S2 and I'm waiting for the Bionic

Versed says:

Now, if this came out for T-Mobile or Sprint, people here would be loving it, and saying, "Its about time a QWERTY high end Android came out". But since it isn't on those two, people bitch.

tonydelante says:

Not true at all. I think most people that are waiting for this phone on sprint (including me) are hoping for it to be unchanged. Otherwise I'll just go with the 3D. I will say that it does make since for someone to come out with a high end slider since none of the other phones have them. It's just not for me.

grayfox99 says:

No reason for ATT customers to complain about this phone having a keyboard, if you want the slab version hop on eBay and grab one the Euro version works perfectly fine on ATT even on their HSPA network. As fof non ATT customers complaining about the keyboard....well just wait and see what happens with other carriers. Verizon is unlikely to have the keyboard because they already offer the Droid 3 with the keyboard plus they just outed a sammy slider with a single core.

elsint says:

"No reason?"
- International version doesn't have warranty on US
- $$$, unsubsidized costs

kleiber says:

Not convinced this is actually a Galaxy Sii. What about the buttons at the bottom of the slab...don't look anything like the Galaxy S ii's simple and sleek design. That is actually more disturbing to me than the keyboard.

elsint says:

Completely kills it. Keyboards belong to the pre-iPhone era.

It's OK to provide another version with keyboard for keyboard lovers, but if they replace SGS2 for this "Droid," then I'm out.

fireshot91 says:

I was looking forward to this phone: Until the keyboard came in it. I (Me, myself), don't like keyboards. The only keyboard/slider I would ever get would be the T-Mobile G2.

Looks like I'm going to wait until the Nexus releases.

DWR_31 says:


Ekreed says:

The idea of this is hilarious.

paleh0rse says:

I have now waited several months to get my hands on a real AT&T SGS2; but, if the SGS2 arrives on AT&T in this form factor, then I'm going to have to pass.

I'm very happy for the high-schoolers and college kids who spend more time texting than studying, but this form factor is absolutely worthless to me.

Way to screw up a good thing AT&T!! Lame...

G.murph says:

Well I'm a college student and spend much more of my time doing work and email than texting - so emailing for work and research labs is much easier with a physical keyboard. I don't have to worry about random autocorrections that I didn't want. And I can still keep Swype default for texting. It's a win-win.

yumyum says:

Random autocorrections?

Don't blame the virtual keyboard for your stupidity in either
a) not buying the right keyboard, or
b) not setting it up correctly

G.murph says:

a) I'm not going to spend money on a virtual keyboard when my phone already came with 3 that are all perfectly capable of handling my tasks.
b) I'd rather use Swype than the other keyboards for texting. But for anyone that uses it, people know that sometimes words you don't mean to swype pop up instead. So when I use the other keyboards for email and such, I'm not as used to them. That, and on virtual keyboards, as opposed to physical ones, there is no point of reference. So sometimes I hit one wrong letter and it changes the whole word without me realizing. They keyboards are a bit cramped in portrait and my hands aren't wide enough to reach across the 4"+ screen in landscape. It would be easier for me to have a physical keyboard. I don't see how this makes me an idiot.

And you just called me out on my "stupidity" for saying I preferred using a physical keyboard for emails. Calm down, put the computer and phone down, and get a life.

Username: says:

I actually like the keyboard.

In addition to texting, there is one other area where a keyboard actually comes in handy: when you are editing documents.

I used to own an AT&T Fuze but then switched over to an AT&T Atrix. The Atrix is a much better phone (obviously) and does everything better than my old Fuze except one: edit documents. When I had my Fuze, I would often edit work on the train. Nothing too serious or involved but just small edits and making notes. When I got my Atrix, I stopped. The lack of a "real" keyboard made it too difficult to do much typing, plus the software keyboard by nature takes up reading space on your display.

Interestingly enough, the Atrix has the lapdock that partially alleviates this issue but, to me, that lapdock is too expensive and when you are in a crowded train or something, it is still to big. The lapdock is still something you have to take out and not something you can use while you are standing on a crowded train or bus.

I know I am part of a small minority but for some people, the keyboard is definitely a useful plus.

nerdydesi says:

Count me as someone who loves physical keyboards as well! I actually want this keyboard-GS2 to come to more carriers! : (

colbysbb says:

I could take or leave the keyboard. I'll pick this up on verizon as soon as its out. My only complaint with a sliding keyboard is that it's mechanical. i dont trust things with moving parts in my pocket. thats how stuff wears out or breaks.

VyprNoch says:

Looks very ugly. Original gs2 only is great

Ekreed says:

See when I read about this I was excited at the prospect of actually being able to import a GSM slider galaxy s2 (unlike the epic last year which I would have imported if it were even possible). But, especially in the wake of the droid 3 and the verizon slider leaks I have to wonder why they designed the keyboard like that. The phone is larger than the epic, the VZW slider and the droid, yet has less keys. I thought the epic keyboard looked perfect, and spacing them out a little like the switch from 4" to 4.3" would allow would have given it exactly what I'd want in a keyboard. In partyicular, I'd love the 5th row of numbers, since I hate having to turn on number lock on my current phone, it always makes me stumble. Hell, they could even have offset the keys, since I'm really not a fan of these gridlike layouts. If anything, would it have killed them to put the @ on the top of a button, that's another symbol I hate having to enter, and I certainly begrudge finding the @ symbol more than entering www. and .com which gets its own dedicated button. Now I'm stuck, I was about to give up and buy a GS2, but even though the keyboard is disappointing combared to VZW's sliders, this is possibly the best android slider I can actually get in europe.

vbanh says:

About damn time! Touch screen keyboards are the worst thing ever invented. I'm so sick of all the cookie cutter android phones with the same specs and touch screen only. AT&T finally has a physical keyboard, W00T!

Incognitum says:

Wtf with the keyboard hate? Every other high speced phone on att is a slab, get one of those if you don't want a keyboard. As for me, now I'm kicking myself for getting the atrix.