Samsung Galaxy Note

We joke about the mountain of spam we get when CES rolls around, but it can pay off to read through it. The folks at Slashgear spotted more confirmation that the Samsung Galaxy Note (read our full review) will be headed to AT&T, and we've doubly confirmed in our own pile of e-mails we had no intention of reading. 

The line in question is as follows:

Anymode is introducing its accessories into the North American market for the first time at CES. AT&T recently named Anymode as OEM vendor for many of its Galaxy Note accessories. Samsung has shipped more than one million Galaxy Notes globally as of December 2011. The Note is expected to be available in the United States in early 2012 through AT&T.

So, look for this bad boy to be announced Monday at AT&T's developer event, no doubt. We'll be there as it all goes down.

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Samsung Galaxy Note


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Samsung Galaxy Note case vendor confirms phone coming to AT&T


The international model is already GSM and works with AT&T bands up to HSPA+. They will probably go LTE with it here though. The GNote has a 2500 mAh battery which is outstanding on HSPA+. Not to start a feud but CDMA is old tech...the GNote would weigh 3 pounds with a CDMA and LTE radio in!

Well, that old tech sure works great on Verizon and Sprint, while the new tech works like crap on AT&T. So, I'll stay with the old tech so that I have a device that works.

That's true..i just switched from ATT to Verizon and its like day and night...LTE on Verizon rocks...very happy with LTE and Htc Rezound...

Hopefully they do not change the dimensions from the international version because it will be nice to have more case options for my GNote! I'm sure they will take away the home button in lieu of the 4 capacitive buttons oh and cram the ATT log in there...

My Galaxy Nexus is too big to fit in my work pants, no way i would get this. Damn thing is a tablet!


If there was ONE DUAL-CORE SMARTPHONE I WOULD HAVE CONSIDERED THIS WAS IT! That 1,400 mhz Exynos Chip is a BEAST!( This is the Chip the so called Flagship Nexus should have gotten.. ) And this is a Man Sized Phone for my Man Sized Hand.. I wish I had it to choose from as I Window Shop the Quad-Core Superphones next week at CES 2012.. But its not in the mix now.. Not on ATT.. I will never give up my Unlimited Data Plan on Verizon..

Blazing~! and Window Shopping the Quad-Core Superphones next week at CES 2012 on my 1,300 mhz GummyCharged Droid Charge..

Just tired of seeing it on here.
Like anyone gives a sh**

Going to have the 1.5 qualcomm not the exynos. As great as the Exynos chip is they apparently are gimped that it can't run LTE.

Who gives a flip about AT&T? You can already buy the phone for that network. It's Sprint that's news.

They still might get it, but it's sort of a niche device, so it might not make financial sense for Samsung to get CMDA/LTE radios in it.