Samsung continues its tradition of hefty upgrades for its Galaxy Note line with the announcement of a new "Premium Suite" upgrade pack for the Galaxy Note 10.1. The upgrade pack, which also includes Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, introduces enhanced "multi-window" multitasking and hover-based "air view" controls for the S Pen -- many features that'll be familiar to owners of the Galaxy Note 2.

Interestingly, Samsung has combined multi-view with its windowed app support, allowing multiple smaller versions of certain Samsung and Google apps to be run in windowed mode, in addition to being docked side-by-side in full screen mode.

Other additions include "easy clip," which lets you tag image cut-outs on the screen and copy them to the clipboard, various improvements to the S Note application, and an updated version of Photoshop Touch.

As the updated software is based upon Android 4.1, it also includes the standard Jelly Bean features we've come to know, including Google's "Project Butter" performance enhancements, and predictive search through Google Now.

The update is available now in Germany; other countries should be following shortly.


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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 getting Premium Suite upgrade


I already think this is a great tablet and the extra functionality is just whip cream on a sundae. I am looking forward to seeing it on mine, especially that sweet multitasking.

i'm glad i decided to buy the Galaxy Note 10.1 instead of the Nexus 10.

the stock plain Android on the Nexus cant compare to the awesome features that TouchWiz brings to the Galaxy line of Android based phones and tablets.

the hard work Samsung puts into this kind of products is superb.

Yeah, I got kicked out of Google checkout about a dozen times while trying to purchase the Nexus 10, thanks to a late notification email from Google. Wanting a new 10" for thanksgiving, I decided to test out the Note 10.1 thanks to extended holiday returns & while waiting for the tablet to arrive at a brick & mortar retailer for easier returns if needed, along with the comfort of price matching. I got the Note 10.1 for $399 USD, thanks to the price reduction & a discount deal through a seller employee. So far I am much happier than expected & after playing with a friends Nexus 10, even more so. The Note 10.1 has much better codec support & I am ab le to watch mkv, HD DIVX & AVI files that are heavily encoded with 6-channels at 720 & 1080P. The Note also feel like it is better constructed than the Nexus. While the display is definitely better on the Nexus, the better than 720P on the Note is good enough for me & with the Note's added features, it wins hands down over Google's newest flagship tablet.

I waited on purchasing a tablet until I could find one that would truly help me to be productive. I found that in the Note 10.1. My Note is currently running so smooth. Eagerly awaiting to see how Samsung can take this tablet to the next level. Let's hope this update won't cause issues... (cough... Asus)

wow just watching this got me excited. samsung need to quit playing and send that LTE version to verizon asap.

Samsung needs to release the Next version of the Note 10.1 by first quarter of Next year with
1. 1080p screen
2. Quad core Exynos processor clocked at 2Ghz
3. Much better battery
4. Better build quality
5. Lighter and thinner
6. 64gb and 128gb options right out of the box
7. Better ffc and bfc
8. Even louder and better sound quality.

Then it would definitely be my next tablet despite having the current note 10.1.

Really want to love this device like the majority of other users who have posted positive reviews, but can't find the love for a device that has a subpar resolution, and an inability to play native videos from, CNET, etc. (so flash is out, at least Apple has Quicktime).


You need to learn to do a little reading my friend. Without rooting, five minutes out of the box I had ESPN's full site & videos going. Not too mention Amazon Prime VOD. Flash works flawlessly, you just have to sideload it. GIYF! & in case you don't know what that is, an acronym for GOOGLE IS YOUR FRIEND! A quick search & you too can watch Amazon & ESPN videos in HD.

Hi George, I have installed Adobe Flash Player 11 on my note 10.1 but I can't seem to get ESPN videos to play. Can you tell me what else is needed to get flash working on website? Thanks

I have spent the last week prior to Black Friday and Cyber Monday researching which tablet I wanted to bring home for our family.

>>>We settled on the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 32gb

I am trying to figure out how to get adobe flash player loaded on our tablets?

Can you please help step me through this process?

Also, does anyone know if JAVA is supported for yahoo card games?

Thanks for your help, and have a great day!

I recently got the Samsung Note 10.1 and was wondering if there was a samsung user out there who knew how to use the S Pen in the S Planner to make personal notes to the dates in the calender to quote from the adverts in the UK " Like your paper planner, you can write down your tasks in a more personal and intuitive way (Month view mode only)"
when i go to the monthly mode there is no option to select the pen option?

this was bought on the 2nd December 2012 with the Ice Cream Sandwich Software! (i am also new to the android world!!)

is this false advertising?