Android CentralWhen the first official accessories for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus started appearing late last month, one piece of kit was conspicuous in its absence -- the long-awaited car dock. Today, however, we have news that Nexus owners' wait for an official vehicle mount for their phones is finally over. British online retailer Clove Technology has announced that it'll be stocking the official Samsung vehicle dock -- that's the one that connects with the gold contacts along the side of the phone -- from next Tuesday, May 22.

The price is a predictably high £49.99 (~$80) including VAT, but then expensive first-party accessories are nothing new. In the box you'll find the dock itself, along with suction cup, and a microUSB car charger that connects the dock's microUSB port to your cigarette lighter.

There's still no word on U.S. availability for this accessory, but we'll keep you posted if anything emerges.

Source: Clove Technology


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Samsung Galaxy Nexus vehicle dock launches in the UK on May 22


Why does it take half a year to get stuff like that to the streets? The phone is seconds away from being outdated anyways...


It is completely ridiculous that this wasn't available at release. And NOT that BS version that Verizon had that didn't take advantage of the side connectors.

Samsung is by far the worst of the OEMs when it comes to accessory support. As much as I want to set fire to the execs at Moto for some of their idiotic decisions over the years, I'll give them credit for having stuff ready to go when the phone launches.

Gimme my darn charging car dock already.

Side view of the dock shows a 3.5mm audio port next to the carging port, that would go to your stereo's Aux jack if you have one and the proper cable...


Since I am stuck with the phone for another 16 months or so (not that I am complaining, it's a good phone IMO), I will pick this up on Ebay for like $30 later this year.

We don't pay VAT stateside. So actual price for us is about $68. I did, however, have to pay $20 in shipping to get it over the pond.

I love the idea of just pooping my pone in but between extended battery and my sleek Cruzerlite case. Does anyone know if there are any other accessories, like at all, that actually use the pogo pins on this phone?

Expansys USA has it up for pre-order for $60. They have been very good at letting us know the current status of what they've heard as far as stock is concerned. So if you are in the US then definitely order from them.

No longer will I ever buy an overpriced, phone specific, must remove the phone from the case to get it to fit dock. I picked up the SoundGate M2 mount off Ebay and it works great. Simple in design, cheap and able to be used with multiple other devices.

I can understand Google taking its time to come out with the 4.0.4 update to make sure the bugs are few and far between, but I can't stand that Verizon still hasn't released the update to everyone yet. I have been waiting since I upgraded in January for this vehicle dock, but it looks like I will be waiting a little longer, because $60.00 is pretty expensive, considering you can buy a standalone gps unit for around the same price. Drop the price to $40 - $50 and I'm there.

A US variant - complete with the pogo connecting pins and suction-based micro-USB power cord connection port would be sweet. If we are forced to order from Clove Technology then the total is somewhere around $80 as you've noted, but that also doesn't include the international shipping charge. I checked for a desktop dock and car dock. Both cost £41.66 for a total of £83.32 ($100.32 USD), then add £17 for international shipping via DHL, and you're easily at almost $160 USD. Ordering the non-charging variant doesn't save much in terms of $$ and it's a colossal waste of time.