Galaxy Nexus

We received word back in November that some Canadian carriers would begin selling the Samsung Galaxy Nexus on December 8th and that proved to be correct. The Galaxy Nexus is now available for purchase in Canada. It can be bought from either Virgin Mobile or Bell for $159 on a 3-year contract.

Rogers also announced back in November that they would take reservations, but the phone doesn't appear to be available from them just yet. We'll keep you up-to-date with everything we hear. 

Nevertheless, this is great news for those of you in Canada, who can now show off your new toy while those of us in the United States are still pining for a release date from certain carriers. 

If you've purchased a brand new Nexus or are thinking of doing so, hit up our Galaxy Nexus Forum for everything you need. 

Source: Bell;  Virgin Mobile Canada


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Samsung Galaxy Nexus now available in Canada


Now.. That's a fair price for a phone that should have released months ago.. and still has not released in the U.S... Because it will basically be a Forgotten Phone in 30 Days once the World sees the KAL-EL based phones at CES 2012 Starting January 9th...

Blazing on my 1,3000 mhz Droid Charge.. Awaiting KAL-EL...

Do you just copy/paste the same comment into every article about the G-Nexus? You sure do spend a lot of time commenting about a phone you claim to not care about and you say is easily forgettable. I'm a big car guy myself, but I don't like the Ford Mustang all that much. You know how much time I spend on Ford blogs commenting about how the new Mustang body design sucks, or how it's a forgettable car? Zero time. None. Because I don't care. I think I would be a pretty pathetic person if I spent of bunch of my time telling people how crappy I thought the thing they liked is. Seriously, you don't have to get offended by the fact that so many people like something you don't. It's okay. Get the phone you want and enjoy it and leave it at that.

Now then, do you have any original thoughts to share with us about the G-Nexus....or are you such a mental midget that one comment every 3 months or so is the best you can muster?

$800.00 for this? To do what with it Geek? Are you and your other Coke Bottle Glasses Wearing Friends going to sit in a circle at the old Trailer Park wacking off on how fast it flips pages? Do you even have 4G in your area? And are you even Grandfathered in with an Unlimited Data Plan so YOU CAN ACTUALLY USE THE TELEPHONE without data caps? and what can it do that a single core phone can't do? They all Serf the Web.. Some of us with 4G speeds.. They all play 3D Games with out lag.. If you have a phone with 1,000 mhz and up.. So you tell me Geekboy are going to hang out at Starbucks and use the NFC? or sit around the Trailer Park and show how fast it flips pages?.. Go Away.. This is the most overhyped average hardware phone that has every been released.. Oh wait! it not even at Verizon Yet! You Geek!

BLAZING @ 1,300 mhz on my Droid Charge.. Awaiting KAL-EL!.. In 30 days! At least I am waiting on the future of Phone Technology.. You my Geek are sitting waiting on CPU's & GPU's of the Past... Just Repackaged with NFC & ICS.... See Ya Geek !'re calling someone a geek on a technology site all the while your typing out "KAL-EL!" and "Mhz" etc? Who's the geek now? At least the other dude started talking about cars a little bit.

LOL ! He's Trailer Trash!!! Who cares what the Hick has to say today..

Hey.. Ya got $800.00 to drop on this Baby and its what you want.. Go for it!

I just don't see the hype for this level of Processor & GPU.. NFC can snatch your personal info away.. And ICS will get to 70% of the phones at some point..

You can buy this puppy the week of Jan 9th..But before you drop this much cash on a phone that is sooo late to market, with early 2011 guts in it, you owe it to yourself to at least Peak at what coming in 90 days? Then, make the choice to spend this kind of money on 2011 Technology..

I did the same thing in choosing the Droid Charge.. I could have upgraded in February.. But waited another few months to see what would come.. But before Verizon messed with my Unlimited Internet Access I jumped on the Charge.. Its Rooted Kerneled and Fast.. There is not a 3D game I can't play smoothly running @ 1,300 mhz but you have to admit the lure of a Five-Core Processor with great battery life and Stunning Visuals in the 3D Games Nvidia has demoed on the Web don't make you want to hang on just a little longer.. just 30 days.. Then if it not all that.. Buy this.. But you know you will kick yourself if KAL-EL is anything close to what we have seen so far....

Phones announced with Kal-el wont make an appearance for probably 7 months+. That's a long time to wait from now if you are looking to get a new phone.

You may or may not be correct.. But again I am at 1,300 mhz customized and able to do ANYTHING a Dual-Core tele can do.. At 4G speeds and with Unlimited Internet on Verzion to do what I want as much as I want from watching Slingbox TV to Multiplayer Games ( Getting Ready for Thursday Night Football as I type this..) I can wait 7 months if need be.. But, before I drop $500-$800 on a Telephone ( Tax & Accessiores on/off contract ) It's going to have to be WORLDS AHEAD of my 1,300 mhz Customized Droid Charge.. And KAL-EL with its Five-Cores and 1,600 to 1,800 mhz out of the gate would be that phone.. Not another Dual-Core at 1,200 mhz just for NFC & ICS...

As a Canadian who just moved to the US this summer, I.. I just don't know.

Guess I'll keep on with my Nexus One for awhile longer.

Totally willing to switch from AT&T to Verizon if they bother to carry this, but I guess they aren't really interested in my money.

Are there any pricing options for 2-year contracts for this device in Canada? I know a lot of times anything under 3 years ends up being like a $50 discount from buying outright.. just wondering if it might be similar to the $299 we're seeing hints of here.

I saw where the Mickey from the Cell Phone Junkie purchased an unlocked version and is now running it on Walmart's service for $30 per month.

2 year pricing options are ridiculous in Canada. The price from Bell for a 2 year contract is ... wait for it... $599.99.

Hey buddy...let's go north of the border, grab a Kraft Dinner and find out what ICS is all aboot, eh? And Scott is a dick.

Free health care... Galaxy Nexus... government not full of whiny babies obsessed with "terrorists"... Why the hell do I still live in the US?

"free"? Is there a magical money tree that pays for everything? In the US the government thinks so (money tree - the workers paying for the lazy). By the way, there is a reason the rich canucks come to the US for medical treatment. I guess the rich US folks will need to go to canada for the nexus. Seems like a fair trade.

Mine was deliverd to me yesterday from virgin. Yay excellent phone! But what phone wouldnt be coming from a blackberry

The Galaxy Nexus sold by Bell and Virgin (and soon Rogers-Fido-Telus-Koodo-Videotron) are quad band GSM and penthaband HSPA+ 3g. They will work with AT&T and T-Mobile in the US.

I feel I've been trolled.

On Pulse Reader the title read "Galaxy Nexus now available"

Day ruined. lol

Don't know why everyone in a rush to get the Nexus when all I hear in the market is complaints about hardly any apps working on it and ICS...especially since the 10 cents daily deals. Anyway hope you guys and girls get your Nexus fix soon.

Verizon take note, that's how you release a device.

Provider-"Hey, we will be releasing Supercoolgadget on xx/xx/xx! "

...xx/xx/xx rolls around.
Providrr-"Here's your Supercoolgadget, enjoy. "