The Samsung Epic 4G is no stranger to updates, in fact it just received an update at the end of January, and now it's back with yet another one. This update looks like a small one on paper, but it definitely will be warmly welcomed by everyone. Unfortunately it appears as though the last update caused some issues with force closing when receiving a phone call, which can be quite an annoyance. They have fixed the issue along with enhancing the Sprint Connections Optimizer, so hopefully the signal should be a bit better now.  If you haven't already received the notification for the update be sure to hop into your settings and check manually.

You know the drill, let us know how the update goes for you, and any changes you may see besides those listed in the forums!

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Samsung Epic 4G receives an update to fix force-close issues


Agreed, my wife makes a comment almost daily how she wants a new phone(She has the Evo Shift which is similar in specs/performance/age). Sprint has nothing less than about a year and a half old with a physical keyboard if you're looking to upgrade. It is unfortunate but seems Verizon is the place to be if you want a nice phone with a physical keyboard. I haven't even seen a phone leaked or announced and usually that happens months before an actual release date.

I guess the best we can hope for is one of the announced phones like the HTC One series or the GS3 will come in a keyboard variant that isn't getting any press coverage...I kind of doubt it though. I keep trying to get her to try out Swype or Swift Key to try to break her need of the physical keyboard but she is stubborn.

While I certainly agree a new device would be nice, CyanogenMod has made this device a dream. I actually bought an Epic 4G off of Ebay for $100 bucks as a holdover device (to avoid spending my 2yr discount early) until the LTE network launches. Had it rooted and put CM9 on it right away. I'd rather get my teeth pulled than go back to Gingerbread and TouchWiz.

I'm not signing up for a new 2 year contract based on a phone that is 1.5 years old. I get that CM probably speeds things up, but its just a matter of principle at this point. Just does not make sense to buy an old phone. ;_;

On Beta 1 right now myself. I started out on Alpha 1 of CM9, it's been pretty rock steady even since the Alpha stuff. The CM team is a tremendous asset to the Android community.

My stupid friend Lekki has this phone and I swear everytime I talk with him we get cut off or the call drops!!! He always blames it on my phone but now I know the TRUTH, it's been his piece of crap phone the whole time. I freakin knew it, Stupid Lekki.

I never had a force close issue, i guess i was one of the lucky ones??? or missed out on somthing lol! either way i love this phone, had it sice day1 and it is still going strong.

I had the force close issue. The fix? Delete the "ignore with message" messages. Sprint told me a fix would be coming. Still waiting.

Thank you so much, kgambino! I have been plagued with the force close for a couple of weeks . I thought it was from an app I installed or "something". That something was creating a new message in the reject call with message list. I deleted the messages and can answer calls again.