Normally, carriers and manufacturers will let blogs run rampant with rumors -- true or not. In the case of a slew of purported Samsung specs outed by a single Lithuanian retailer, however, Sammy's doing a little debunking. The rumored specs involved such unicorns as a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED display at 1280x720 resolution, as well as a 4.65-inch Super AMOLED display at 1280x720 running Ice Cream Sandwich. Hey, some of those specs might be true. But as Jerry's been reminding us any chance he gets, they also might very well not be.

On its "Samsung Tomorrow" official global blog, we're told the following:

Some media have been reporting that Samsung is preparing to launch nine new smartphones and two new tablet devices. While Samsung is continuously working on new devices for our customers, the details being cited are not accurate in this case.

We appreciate the interest in our upcoming mobile devices and will share more information once its available.

Trust us, folks. When Samsung announces new phones, it does so publicly, as we're expecting it to do in just a couple weeks. We've warned you about trusting strange Lithuanian retailers, right?

Source: Samsung Tomorrow


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Samsung: Device leak details 'are not accurate'


Basically they are just trying to get peoples attention they need to. Otherwise I only pay attention to HTC related news and notes or Qualcomm /Sprint related news. They are the real players in the android world...

@Richardyarrell: Samsung makes HTC look like a bunch of idiots. Samsungs hardware is the absolute BEST out there. In terms of hardware, HTC is a joke -- hell, they can't even get the order of their capacitive buttons right, and their Sense is totally craptastic. Motoblur, which is total junk, is twice the UI of HTC's "non-Sense." Hell, HTC can't even make a real widget. Know your role.

"Star Fleet Captain"...Really?! Nice name..are you 35 and still live at Mommy's house?
1) I am not a Samsung "fanboy". I owned a Captivate and I HATED how long it took to update to Froyo. I own an Atrix, which on 2.3.4 became an amazing device -- one of the best in the world. Now Richardyarell, or whatever his name is, is obviously an HTC fanboy..."....HTC..are the real players in the android world." I think NOT. Both Samsung AND Motorola make better hardware and software...hell, better phones...than HTC. HTC's sense is complete garbage...just look at the Thunderbolt as a perfect example...absolute crap...much like Phil's Nickenson's hairdo (He looks like Bill Lumbergh in Office Space).

Simply they don't want us to set HIGH expectations as the rumored specs suggest then at the official release we get disappointed and that will decrease their sales...
so, as of this clarification Samsung is saying: "We can't do 720p display with SAMOLED HD and 4.65 (<< which is stupid anyway...) so, expect something reasonable"

(The stupid i'm referring to is the screen size... 4.3 is a big as it can get and 4.5 if you wanna be abnormally big... above that is literally stupid...)

i think the perfect screen size is 4.5.....if we could just get rid of the buttons on the phone (home, menu, back, search) then there's that extra room for the screen. Yes i know the Nexus Prime is rumoured to get rid of them, and they really should.