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In what seems to be a slightly premature blog post, Samsung has confirmed the appearance of the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S III (S3) at the Olympic opening ceremony in London -- an event some four hours away at the time of writing. Referring to the ceremony in the past tense, a post on the official Samsung Tomorrow blog noted Samsung's position as a global Olympic partner, and said the phones were featured "as part of a dance routine," in the show seen by "more than one billion people across the globe."

Samsung says to go to the official Samsung Mobile YouTube page for behind-the-scenes interviews from the opening ceremony, but it looks like these aren't live just yet.

We'll know more when the ceremonies kick off at 9pm London time (4pm EDT, 1pm PDT)

Source: Samsung Tomorrow


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Samsung confirms Galaxy Note and Galaxy S3 appearance in Olympic opening ceremony



The IOC and Apple, the two biggest IP trolls (guess which one is threatening a lawsuit over sausage vendors that arrange their goods in a circular pattern) can fight it out over who is the most petty, immature multibillion-dollar venture.