If you're a Rogers customer and using a Samsung Captivate, this weekend would be a good time to hook it up to Kies -- there's an update to Android 2.3.3 waiting for you to grab and install.  Reports say that this one doesn't wipeout all your user data, but it does reset your homescreen(s) configuration, as well as improve Wifi reception and address the mass storage issues a few had with the Froyo update.  Sounds like an awesome tradeoff to me. 

Installation seems pretty painless, be sure you're running the latest version of Kies, then download and install the file.  It takes just a few minutes, and you're left with a Captivate that runs much nicer than it did yesterday.  If you run into any issues, sound out for help in the forums and lets the expert community get you on the right track.

Source: Mobilesyrup

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Oz_32 says:

So is the US models getting android 2.3 like tmobile vibrant

Latino293 says:

So what is at&t waiting for? This is ridiculous.

Ronindan says:

AT&T has to ensure that their "value add" application (aka Bloatware runs properly on their captivate) ;-)

nbell978 says:

I'm running the 2.3.4 leak, and their crapware works fine

I dont know how to work it! it says there aint any new software and i would like some help :S

Mr.Froyo says:

Are you sure it's a rogers Captivate, and not an AT&T version, and how about posting in the forums instead :P

skeepon says:

OR, you can install cm7

ChuckeeDroid says:

Just updated. It's awesome. noticeably faster.