Are there times you need to charge your T-Mobile G1 Android phone on-the-go? Maybe there are times you're stuck between your home and office, or your home and the shopping mall, or your home and just about anywhere else, and you are without a wall socket to plug in. The HTC Car Charger for T-Mobile G1, available here in the Android Central Store for $19.95, is a great way to keep your G1 battery fresh and ready to use, especially if you are a "road warrior." Keep reading after the break for a review!


The HTC Car Charger for T-Mobile G1 is, well, a car charger. It plugs into the lighter socket in your car or truck and enables you to charge your G1. Car chargers are rarely fancy nor anything to get incredibly excited about, but this car charger is noteworthy for it's design and it's build quality.

The lighter adapter end of the charger is made of plastic with a chrome-like cap on one end with HTC's branding and a bluish light to indicate a positive connection to your lighter socket. The power cord connection is robust, with a section of coiled, flexible cord in the middle. A mini-USB connector on the other end fits the mini-USB port on your G1.


The HTC Car Charger, designed to fit standard lighter sockets, has a snug fit and easily connects to the mini-USB port of the G1. The cable is about 2 feet before extending the coiled portion. I like the coiled section in that it permits some flexibility in length without the nuisance of a power cord getting entangled with the stick shift, console, or anything else in the cabin of your car.

Both the power cord and connectors are robust and of decent quality, promising a long life of mobile charging. When driving, I can just plug my G1 into the HTC Car Charger and top off my battery while I'm driving, yet still answer the phone if a call comes in. Using a Bluetooth headset is a good idea when driving, especially when you have your phone connected to a charger.


For only $19.95, the HTC Car Charger for T-Mobile G1 is a useful, quality product that stands head and shoulders above the cheap knock-off chargers that are out there which are sold at close to the same price. The design is attractive with the bluish power indicator, and the flexible cord is a great design for use in a car when you don't want a long cable that can get tangled up. If you spend a lot of time in your car away from any wall sockets to charge your G1, or if you just want to top off your battery during your morning or evening commute, you can't go wrong with the HTC Car Charger.

Android Central Rating: 5/5


Reader comments

Review: HTC Car Charger for T-Mobile G1 Android


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5 out of 5 stars? It doesn't allow for any sort of audio hook up. The charger should also be a 3.5mm audio adapter.

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You need to get SPAM prevention for your comments. And you don't mention the voltage output of the charger. I can find other chargers for $2.00 that show the voltage and I know work.

I have this huge problem I have a g1 and the charger area where it plugs in it bends so much and ends up breaking or wears down and stops working I already bought another one the same one shown on above and now I'm having the same problem its sooo irritating! The phone is good just the freaken chargers suck! I wonder if you all have the same irritating problem? I think I'm either might just go back to that tmobile store and talk to them cause this is just to much spending all this money on chargers!
Well tata everyone! Take Care!

I just returned 2 of these car chargers. Within one minute of use with my HTC Touch Pro2 attached, smoke came out of the charger. The car charger doesn't function anymore. The plastic is molten because you could smell a terrible burnt plastic like smell.
The voltage of the cigarette lighter was 14,4V, in between the 10 and 30V input voltage allowed.
I'm glas my phone still works.
Output voltage is 5,0V and 2A.

Yes, the output amperage is the issue. The G1 and Touch Pro2 both require charger output of 5V @ 1A, either wall or mobile. If you are using the one listed above, and it is rated 5V @ 2A, then you are lucky the charger is all that fried! I would also seriously question if the charger is truly licensed by HTC!

When dealing with any charger, wall or mobile, you must FIRST match the output voltage (e.g. 5.0V, 5.2V, 5.9V, etc.) to your device's specifications. Voltage is critical! THEN, you must also match up the amperage ratings on the charger to your device's specifications. If your device has a max input of 1A, then you should never exceed that rating. Doing so will allow the device to draw more current than it's circuitry may safely handle, thus causing it to heat-up, over-heat, or melt-down.

Now I said "never", but most devices are built to handle variations, so it is probably safe to go to 1.1A or 1.2A (as this is how most "rapid chargers" work), but doing so "could" damage your phone or battery, and may possibly void your warranty. It is, however, safe to go UNDER the specified power ratings by a small amount WITHOUT FEAR of DAMAGE, such as using 750mA instead of the recommended 1000mA (with the same Voltage Rating).

I safely charge my HTC Touch PRO and my Blackberry using the same charger (rated 5V @ 750mA for the Blackberry) and the only downside is that the Touch charges a bit slower than it probably should. After one year of doing this, there is no damage to either phone or battery! I would not recommend charging a Blackberry using a G1 or Touch Pro charger because the amp rating is higher than the specifications of the BB, and it could damage the charger, phone, or battery. If you do exceed the Amp rating while charging your phone, you do so at your own risk.

a quality product for a quality handset. This is definitely what i needed to keep my phone charged up when on the move.