Just a reminder that the prize of the day in the Waze and Android Central big giveaway is a beautiful Samsung infuse 4G.  Entering to win one is easy -- be sure to check the Waze website for all the details, but here's a quick recap:

  • Download Waze (m.waze.com) or via the Android Marketplace (we've got the download link after the break)
  • Make sure you’re a registered user with an email on file (Waze needs your contact info to tell you you’ve won – check ‘Settings’ to ensure that you’re registered.)
  • Munch (drive over) as many robot road goodies as you can

Winning a hot new phone by having fun and driving to work or school sure sounds like a great plan to me!

More information: Waze


Reader comments

Reminder: Win a Samsung Infuse 4G today from Waze and Android Central


I'm sorry Waze people but: DO NOT INSTALL THIS APP. Pacman + GPS = Distracted Driving.

This is not a safe app. I've used it twice now and have found myself watching my GPS more than the road as I look for androids and pellets.

Is it fun, yes.

Is it safe, NO.

I am uninstalling today.

Hey MSUDroid-

Thanks for the feedback! We take distracted driving VERY seriously. We pretty much have to, don't you agree? That's why we place the road goodies very close along your route-- specifically to keep you from having to hover around the map looking for them.

Try and grab the goodies in your free (non-commuting) time- you can simply navigate to the closest intersection and grab it when you reach the spot. =)

Good luck- here's hoping you give it another chance!

/m:: waze