Galaxy S III

The Samsung Galaxy S III is the new hotness, and you wouldn't want to miss a chance to win one, right? RIGHT? Heck no you wouldn't! And we're just about a week away from the day when we give not one, not two, but four shiny new GSIIIs to four lucky winners. Entering is easy and fun -- print out Lloyd, take him somewhere cool, and pose with him for a photo. Then there's some e-mailing involved, and you've entered. Click here to read all the rules and what-nots.

Go out and have a good time with Lloyd (careful, he's a party animal). Capture the evidence and win an awesome new phone from your pals here at AC. It's as simple as it sounds, a lot of fun, and has a bad-ass prize at the end. 

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clrdust says:

me me me pleaseee

cloud12077 says:

16 or 32GB? Just wondering. I would be happy either way, but would prefer 32GB in blue on Verizon ;)

NavyVet420 says:

I have only 1 choice 16gb on ATT White Please. TY

canibus6 says:

let me tap that antenna

Keep your eyes open for my pics, coming to you soon!

Xmas in July? I'll take some of that!

blweldon2 says:

Sounds good!

asevie says:


kitchin says:

That's a lot to give away and i would love one. Thanks for the chance to win one

elfmandude says:

BOOOO these rules suck. what if a person is handicapped and can't exactly take a picture of him/herself? what if a person is unable to draw due to said handicap and doesn't have a printer or camera due to limited funds?

this should just be like past contests... make a simple comment in a thread or just submit an email to be randomly picked.

this extra jumping through hoops is unfair to some people. this seems like it is just for your own enjoyment of getting fun pics with your mascot.

p.s. you guys suck, no longer a fan.

Comineeyeaha says:

I was really hoping I would get to hear someone complain about something stupid today. Thanks for fulfilling that desire.

elfmandude says:

Oh Comineeyeaha, you silly heartless scumbag, apparently you think sticking up for handicapped people is stupid.

I have handicapped people in my family and i see first hand how hard it is for people not as fortunate as you and i. so i just wanted to bring up that this contest would be unfair for people who do not have the means or ability to take part in the phone giveaway.

maybe you prefer handicapped people to stay in the shadows so they do not bum you out or remind you that there are others that need our help.

you are a pathetic soulless creature. i pity you.

Comineeyeaha says:

The contest doesn't say it has to be taken by yourself, just that you have to be in it. Surely your handicapped family members can ask a loving soul, such as yourself, to help them take a photograph to win a smartphone.

Comineeyeaha says:

Also, a very good friend of mine has a birth defect that gave him deformed hands and feet which are completely unusable. I don't know why you felt the need to call me a heartless scumbag, nowhere in my comment did I say "screw handicapped people".

teebeezey says:

This! Oh, and You have quite possibly the best handle I have seen yet.

Nosta Rica says:

Assuming his family isn't as handicapped as he is... Lol

Nosta Rica says:

"maybe you prefer handicapped people to stay in the shadows so they do not bum you out or remind you that there are others that need our help."

FINALLY someone that agrees with me! Bro, I've been looking everywhere for a friend like you.

cloud12077 says:

It's a contest, it is not a "I win button". Sorry, but I had fun with my adventure with Lloyd.

elfmandude says:

wow so many insensitive losers on here. i dont even know what you are talking about with this "i win button". i bet you watch fox news. you are probably one of those "hey, let them fend for themselves" kind of pricks. well, unfortunately some people need our help.

you bottom feeding scum.

sdc5364 says:

This would be a great first win on Android Central!.!

calikingz says:

interesting contest

Twist747 says:

This couldn't came at a better time for me financially.

thank you.

TankMech says:

Elfmandude, anyone that has a handicap should surely have someone that can assist I would hope. It would be fun for them as well I would imagine to try and take an interesting photo someplace maybe they normally couldn't go. I can see it a bummer if they couldn't find a little help, but it shouldn't stop them from trying, or make them lose hope...I think you should understand that more than anyone, knowing handicap persons. those that I know would love the challenge and would have plenty of help from friends. Just a thought to consider before trashing Android centrals awesome contest.

elfmandude says:

you seem like a great person. i too hope all people that need help can get it.

Nosta Rica says:

Especially you. Seems like after reading through your comments, even those who need help wish help upon you. :\ In my honest opinion.

jaymoet says:

I might just win the almighty samsung galaxy s3.

onercknman says:

Ready for a new phone.

patient zero says:

It would be great to win this phone.

Site D says:

I need a new phone.....especially one of these.

chris7021 says:

i would love to win 1 of them!! =)

Goodhue22 says:

Could use a phone phone fo sho

droidhead_1 says:

Want one please. Don't get an upgrade for awhile

I hope those of you that are commenting took the time to click through to the original post and see the requirements for entry. While most of our contests are just "leave a comment and you're entered", we do occasionally mix things up and have a little fun with it, as with this contest. :)

I'm actually really excited to participate in this contest! It's a cool idea. I've got some pics coming your way soon!

Awesome! Can't wait to see them! :)

Droid Stew says:

Hmmm... What high-jinks can Lloyd and I get into?

Kale says:

Me please!

tag289 says:

i want it

rbritt says:

I hope you guys consider me! Please!

coonster says:

I live in the US but I may like to choose the international GS3 if I win. Would that be an option?

EDIT: I see now that it is any GS3 and that the contest is international. Disregard this.

kilrathi says:

Very excited about this phone.

bmsara says:

I cant stand the suspense :/

raymoore says:

I can sooo taste that Galaxy S III now!

abo.osama13 says:

I do I need to send to Syria in order to portray the demonstrations against Bashar al-Assad ... Please, I want absolutely necessary ... I am a Syrian
من فضلكم فقط واحد .. please ..please

damian.grant says:

Send one of those bad boys this way.

mbeezy44 says: