Everyone love the Asus Transformer.  It's rocking the Tegra 2 chip so it plays games and does media like Honeycomb was designed to do, has all sorts of ports for connectivity, and there's a cool keyboard dock for easy typing.  Asus seems to be on the ball and keeping things updated as well, so it's the right choice for many.  And you can enter to win one, with the awesome keyboard dock, in Nvidia and Android Central's Tegra Madness giveaway!

Winning one is easy, just hit the forums and drop a note in the contest thread, and you're entered.  We'll pick the winner at random, and announce them all in one big blog post next Sunday (Sep. 18).  Good luck to all, and be sure to enter all week!

Win an Asus Transformer and keyboard dock


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Reminder: Enter to win an ASUS Transformer and keyboard from Nvidia and Android Central [contest]


This is my only chance to have a Tegra device because I am unemployed and cant afford to buy a device, unfortunately.

I'd be THE HAPPIEST android tablet owner in the UNIVERSE if I won!! I'd be ok if I didn't win but HAPPIEST if I did!!

This is sweet. I could really use this tab and keyboard. It would be much appreciated if I was chosen. Long live Android Central!

Please pick me! The Transformer looks like the ultimate companion for myself, being a new college student, without a laptop!

Oh man, how I would love to win a Transformer! Pick me and I'll write a regular Joe's review for androidcentral!

Thank you for this cool opportunity AC - but I say give away UNLOCKED Transformers - that is what would really make this giveaway really really special!

Congratulations to you lucky winners in advance. Enjoy a knockout Honeycomb Tablet...

I'm sorry for the duplicate post - I don't even know how that happened!

Update: I edited the duplicate post in an attempt to nullify it.

Well can't always win, but good luck all, one day ill own a tablet
I'll enjoy as much as my Evo 4G, ;)

I have the worst luck in the world.... The thread closed as I was posting my comment and it didn't get in on time. :'(

I just started school and I've been sooooo looking to get one of these for my classes...pick me, and help the education of America!

Im not going to try and be funny and witty in my comment cause I know it might not even be read. I would just like to have TF Tablet becasue my wife took mine and was just going to wait for the
TF 2 but if I could win one I wouldn't have to wait longer. Thanks Android Central.

Though I already own this combo, this would make a great opportunity to provide my son with a very helpful tool. Beings as my son has a learning disability, he could take advantage of the applications that I have let him use on my Xformer and have the added convenience of using it at will while I am out trying to find a job. He also would use it for reading his comics through the komik app and keeping up on his favorite books through the amazon store.

Not to tell a sob story, but I have been wanting to get him something nice since before his birthday this year, and with me out of work for the majority of the year, money has been tough to come by. We find ways to make it through though.

Catch you on the flipside!


Thread closed? Just got off work and read this. I have been wanting one of these bad. I live in a town with a tiny "Large chain electronics store"and they haver have thus combo in stock. I would love to be included if possible. Thank you.

If there is an office supply store around check it. The ones in my area keep the keyboard and tablet in stock.

I've been holding off on getting a tablet due to all the good ones being so expensive. This would be ideal and make an excellent birthday gift

Android Central, Please hook my wife up! She is a stay home mom of twin 2 year olds and needs this to update her blog!! Please Help!

Why did you put this up yesterday if the thread is already closed? Never had a tablet and have seen this at BJ's looks very cool.

It would be great to be the winner, but my luck is always bad in contests, You will see when i dont win. But there is alway hope,I HOPE!!

Oh please tell me I'm not too late! I plan to use it to find the answer to life, the universe, and everything.

It would go great with my other Asus products!

Need to win one for work! Down with the iPad! I've been trying to prove why Android is so much better, and this is the machine to do it.

Is it too late?? :( ... well i't would have been nice to have one of these in my hands :D:D:D
BTW... you made a great site... very entertaining to read :D

You guys have a great podcast, I listen all the time. Think it would great to listen to it on the ASUS Transformer. Thanks.

I will trade you my first born.... seriously, I would be a terrible parent anyway. Evidence: I just offered to trade my unborn child for a tablet.

The secret of getting ahead is getting started. Owning one of these will surely get me started! Thanks for the opportunity to win one!

Oh please choose me.....I really need one of these....blessings to everyone entering these contests.

I would so love to win this. I really need one because my other one broke. I have been trying to win one on Sweepstakes Advantage.