Droid 2 getting Profiles?  Source: My Droid World

Minor Android legend (or major Android celebrity) p3droid has posted some interesting screenshots from a new OS update reportedly for the Motorola Droid 2.  First, it looks like the Droid 2 is getting Profiles similar to what we see on the Droid Pro.  These will allow you to quickly and easily switch between different homescreen setups as you move through the day.

Another welcome addition is the ability to tether your phone's internet connection to your computer via USB.  HotSpot capability is nice, but choice is always a good thing, right?

P3droid also mentioned that the new update is "wicked fast," so it's more than just an eye candy update.  Any Droid 2 users excited about getting profiles on their device? [Via MyDroidWorld]


Reader comments

Are Profiles and tethering coming to the Motorola Droid 2?


This looks nice and all, but I just want MOTO to dedicate resources toward fixing corporate email before rolling out this non-essential functionality.

I look forward to basically all updates! Haha~ Mine D2 is quite fast, but more speed is always a good thing. Profiles will be great too!!!

I just hope the Droid x follows tethering support, wiring is nice but I notice increased browsing speed from tethering

As a heads up, I've seen the same video where this screen comes from and its coming installed on the D2 Global, not sure if will be updated back to original D2