PathThose of you who enjoy the tight-knit social network Path and have a Kindle Fire are in luck, as the app has just hit the Amazon Appstore for those non-Google Play equipped devices to download. If you haven't heard of it before, Path is a social network focused on sharing more personal moments with a small group of people, which is strongly based on using mobile apps rather than the web for sharing. With Path, you can share status updates, pictures and private messages between users in a different setting than the generally "broadcast" style mediums like Facebook and Twitter.

Kindle Fire users, as well as other users who happen to prefer the Amazon Appstore for one reason or another, can download Path for free from the source link below.

Download: Path (Amazon Appstore)


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Path app now available on Amazon Appstore


I use the amazon app store for the freebies. Free SwiftKey a couple years ago was the best app I didn't buy.

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Yes, they have given away some fairly expensive software in the past.

Unfortunately, I'll never buy any Android tablet because developers simply aren't making Tablet apps for the platform. 90% of them are blown up smartphone app, so it's like using an iPad or iPad Mini with just iPhone apps blown up on it (just less fuzzy).

I did try a Nook HD. Good hardware (don't need cameras) for a killer price, but all these smartphone apps turned me off.

Path really needs to get their app everywhere, and on every platform, if they want to be successful with how crowded Social is becoming these days. It's not hard to basically emulate Path with Facebook, Google+, or Twitter if you wanted to...

They also need feature parity on all platforms. Cannot share video on the Android app, for example, which means Instagram + Facebook is superior to path. I believe the iOS app is the only one that supports video. Unfortunate.

Tried it a few times. Liked the app, but ditched it because for a lot of my use I'd want the video and quite frankly I don't switch platforms for apps like this.