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Following yesterday's 'next Galaxy' revelations from Vodafone, O2 UK has confirmed that it'll also be carrying Samsung's upcoming (and as yet unnamed) flagship smartphone for 2012. Again, we're not too surprised, as in the UK it's the norm that major handsets like the 'next Galaxy' appear on all major networks.

In related news, references to a "Galaxy S3" have been spotted within the listing for the Samsung Mobile Unpacked app that was released last night. The name is tucked away in a list of keywords at the bottom of the description in the Google Play Store. This is far from confirmation of the official name, but it's yet another piece of the puzzle, and it wouldn't be the first time an "Unpacked" app has provided hints about future Samsung products. In any case, we can bet Samsung will keep us guessing over the next week, as the May 3 announcement approaches.

Source: Google Play, @O2

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dakidd says:

Samsung is playing peeka boo with this next galaxy phone

Gearu says:

They just used that keyword because they know that's what people will be searching for.

nboatr says:

Galaxy S3, SIMPLE TO SAY--- to a iPhone user in standing in line. "hey-what kind of phone is that?" -its the new Galaxy S3! You flash a big smile, show it to them for a minute and walk away smiling. lol, the commercial writes its self.

tleaf100 says:

more non-news.if you realy think they would call it something else,you must need a nursemaid.
why would they change it ?
s2 selling well
folk already know name
etc etc.
change it to something else and be prepared for it to be ignored/lost unless they spend huge amouts of cash pushing it.
only other name that would make sense is note 2,but specs dont hint at that
it will be
samsung galaxy s3.
and i still dont want one.