Win a Nexus 7

The only thing better than hearing about cool Tegra 3 games like Horn is getting some gear to play them on -- and look good doing it. NVIDIA and AC are giving away five Nexus 7 prize packs to help you out here. 

Five lucky winners will each get a 16GB Google Nexus 7, a Lloyd t-shirt from, and a Lloyd Secret Society pin. That's one heck of a combo!

Entering is easy -- hit the Android contest forums and let us know you're interested. We'll pick five winners at random, and contact you via the e-mail address you used to register here at AC. Simple, right? What are you waiing for!

Enter to win a Nexus 7 prize package


Reader comments

NVIDIA and AC are giving away 5 Nexus 7 prize packages


It'd be blessing if I won this. I recently lost my kid sister's a100 tab, and she's been on a rampage ever since. I know a Nexus 7 would put a smile on her face.

I would love to have the Nexus 7 tablet. Right now I'm rocking an HTC Eris from Verizon which I do most of my quick surfing on but it is very slow now do to its age and out dated software. I have a laptop that I surf the web on as well but it too is old and heavy as all get out. The Nexus 7 would be that perfect medium between the two. Would love, I repeat love to have this device.

Hoooly mother!!! Nice. Count me in please :)!!
I'm going to bring all my friends to the website to participate too XD!
Hope I win

Too bad it's not 7 Nexus 7's you are giving away jk jk haha

But it would make my lifetime to win one of these bad boys. **fingers crossed**

I would love to win a 16GB Google Nexus 7, a Lloyd t-shirt from, and a Lloyd Secret Society pin.!! Although my family would fight over all of it for sure :)

WOW!!! Now THAT'S a package! I think I've entered almost every contest you guys have held so I'm trying my luck here again! Can you imagine how my pictures on "Draw Something" would look if I had this 7" awesomeness in my hands? Oooohhhh the possibilities. Thanks again for the opportunity :)

Very interested in all of the sob stories this is generating.. and of course the potential prize... :P Should be a fun ride.

First thing I do every morning is check this site for the latest and greatest because we all know who brings it!
Thanks for giving me a shot at a cool tablet,

Dear AC,

I have recently been diagnosed with a rare type of cancer. My doctors told me that the only cure is a Lloyd pen and shirt, and a Nexus 7 tablet. Please dont let me die AC....


OMG!!! I can definitely use a new Nexus 7, especially seeing as I just sent back my 2nd defective Nexus 7 in a matter of 11 days..... it WAS supposed to be my birthday present from my wife and kids.

I love that all you people posted here when it clearly says to post in the forums area. Reading, gone is the times of people actually doing it once in a while.

I would love to have a Nexus 7 Tab, however is this an International contest? I see no rules. You guys rock!!!

I almost bought one but if I could get it for free, that'd be awesome! Not to mention the AC gear! :)
I hope this is international too (I'm in Europe). Thanks!

Two smart teenagers + challenging school work + one single mom - much needed tablet technology + winning much needed tablet technology = happy household!

Im in love with the beauty of this nexus i just wanted this since the very first comercials..i would love to have one <3

Would be nice to get one. Been looking at a tablet that can act as a PDF reader and a magazine viewer for my subscription to The Economist. Other tablets out there are either too slow or have hardware issues(think Canadian technology firm). The Google Nexus seems just right!