Moto X developer editionBootloader-unlockable Moto X to have 'a look all its own'

While you can't actually buy it just yet, there's a tantalizing still image of the Moto X Developer Edition on Motorola's U.S. site, showing its unique two-tone design.

Moto promises the 32GB, bootloader-unlockable version of its new flagship will have "a look all its own," and the image shows a chassis with a black front and white weave back, and "Developer Edition" engraved down below.

There's no launch date for the Developer Edition Moto X just yet — and it won't be customizable when it launches — but Moto VP Punit Soni recently said it should be arriving within a matter of days.

Anyone planning on picking one up?

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Now you can look at the Moto X Dev. Edition on Moto's website


I had my credit card out and ready when I saw the headline....If I have to be on Verizon, the last thing I want to do is buy a phone from them.

I think this is a gsm unlocked phone, so no worries. Use this on AT&T or T-Mobile.

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I think there's a Verizon version and an AT&T version. They are the only two carriers that locked the bootloders.

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Verizon usually gets the Developer Phones, the GS4 Dev phone is on verizon, there is supposed to be an HTC Dev edition for Verizon too, since Verizon did not get the Nexus Edition phones from those two.

I would rather pay Motorola for the phone also than Verizon. I wanted a black and white phone anyways, just won't have the blue highlights I wanted, but will be unlockable.

I wouldn't be surprised if the Moto X Dev Edition sold more than the regular versions on verizon, especially since the moto maker won't be available till the end of November when ATT's exclusivity runs out

I think there's a Verizon version and an AT&T version. They are the only two carriers that locked the bootloaders.

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Motorola confirmed it. The Moto X is unlocked for all US carriers except AT&T and Verizon, those two will be getting developer editions. They said it shortly after the Moto X announcement.

I'm sure it won't have AWS HSPA+ like so many other Dev editions. Even with all of the refarmed areas, I'd guess that 80% of T-Mobile areas I visit still lack LTE.

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You don't need a developer edition, if you're on t-mobile just pick up the t-mobile version when it comes out, they didn't lock the bootloader

You do need this developer edition to have AWS... Reason? 32GB.... The T mobile and sprint only have 16GB.

Over price mid range shit Moto X begins price drop in Canada.Just 1 week launched. Ha Ha
Coming soon in USA. Read at

I Can not post link here.

this. I dont understand why they would limit the customization features of this version.. It just doesnt seem to make sense to me

Agreed. Saw the woven back style in white yesterday at AT&T and I'm not a fan. Also, seems to pick up dirt easily--display model was already pretty filthy, lots of smudges and color variation.

The phone is really impressive. But in the end it all comes down to the off-contract price I guess. $449 is even stretching it but I'll pay. More than that is too much for me...

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what would make you think it would be anything less than $579? That is the price for the 16gb version contract free from the carriers.

I just want a black SIM unlocked Moto X. I don't wanna be tied to AT&T for updates and the like.

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I agree. I'm not liking the black and white combo. If no customizations, all black is my choice. And I have to choose between off contract with bootloader locked and Moto Makered or off contract with unlockable bootloader but only (possibly) one color option that doesn't appeal to me much.

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Nothing satisfies the Moto X crowd unless it is 96GB, customized out of the box with delivery in 3 hours, unlocked bootloader with wood backing (mahogany would be nice), gold plated, for $20 off contract.

Gang listen, Motorola (not Google, Google only owns them) is a phone company like any other. Gotta go with the good and the bad, and pay top dollar if you want a flagship phone.

It will be at least 649. I think it's great that it will be the 32gb version. I'd rather this version than the Att locked down 32gb for probably the same off contact price.

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Aren't the coolest features of the phone stuff that moto added to the stock android? You would be losing that stuff right?

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No. The bootloader would just be unlockable. You would lose carrier customizations such as the carrier label in the notification bar.

Since there was an article somewhere mentioning that Motorola was charging one of the carriers $350 for the phone (16GB model), I will likely pick it up if it is in $400-$450 range. If not, I'll hold out for the Nexus 5.

Why would they? You are just setting your self up for disappointment and/or comment section complaining.

Here is why they won't sell it cheaper than the carriers

Because it would piss them off and Motorola needs the carriers more than the carriers need Motorola. Google does not come into play because as I have said, Motorola is a subsidiary of Google, they are not one in the same.

You can expect the same pricing, exclusives and moves from Motorola as you would from Samsung, HTC, Sony and LG.

Alright, then Nexus for me eh? Not everyone has those extra $299-399 right away, and not everyone's country carriers even subsidy their phones to get them for $199...

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Though I am not a Nexus fan by any means, it is a heck of a phone for the money. Hopefully this year they will bump the storage and make 32GB the norm for 2014

I don't think that's gonna happen. Phone companies and carriers are like the auto Industry and oil. My friend is getting a new phone this year, second since his original droid which had 16gb internal and CAME WITH a 16GB microsd. He said, he doesn't understand it, he thought phones would be starting with more internal memory by now, but its still about the same! 4 years later!

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It has to happen or you stagnate development. Some games are over a gig at this point and like it or not gaming drives the industry more than business apps

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Carriers don't affect Nexus devices at all. The only reason Nexus phones have so little storage is because Google wants you to use their cloud services.

Yes, but the nexus is the ONLY line of devices not tied to a carrier (offering subsidy). Don't find it weird that carriers offer less and less data for more, while almost all devices never go up in storage?

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if they actually sell a cdma version for sprint/verizon i'll buy one no matter the cost to replace my gnex. i fully expect it to be in the $500-$649 range. thinking that this will be any cheaper than the other google play versions or other manufacturer developer editions is more hope than anything. phones for google are a non-profit side project, phones for motorola are their business.

ALso this is old. They had this picture up on the site from the same day that Moto VP Punit Soni said it would be up in a few days. It was in the forums

This phone is bit of yesterday...I'll bet even Motorola puts out something to top it in less then 4 months. Bring on the G2 and N5...

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It looks like all we have got is a 2012 spec phone at a premium price. Why would anyone want one of these when they could get a Nexus 4 much much cheaper? Another mid range shit. Motorola is dead. Google sucks! Over price with yesteryear spec..Junk

Do you just copy and paste your reply, each time you see a Moto X headline?

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Interesting that it says "unlockable" and not "unlocked". My HTC One Developer Edition arrived with the bootloader already unlocked, no shenanigans required. Honestly though given what the phone is the reason I'd get this version is for the unlocked SIM and (presumably) free of bloatware (I will never buy a carrier-branded phone from AT&T, for example). However while I'm intrigued by the Moto X the reviews of the camera will keep me away for now (if it improves through software than maybe).

It's actually better, for the phone to arrive with the bootloader locked. Sure, it's more steps to flashing a rom, but you know when you get the phone that it hasn't been tampered with.

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Totally agree. I played with one today and it's a joke as far as "flagship" goes.

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