Nexus One rooted

What's that, you ask? The Nexus One, set to be announced by Google next week, has already been rooted? Don't be too surprised. It's an HTC device, after all, and there are enough of the in the wild that this was bound to happen. We'll let Paul from MoDaCo explain:

Superboot is a boot.img that when flashed, will root your device the first time you boot (installing su and the superuser APK). No need to flash the system partition, no need to use ADB, no messing with the contents of your data partition, no overwriting the shipped ROM on your device, just flash the boot image using the instructions below and you're done!

That's it. So all you need now is for the damn thing to actually become available, and then you have to scrape up the $530 (or $180 if you sign with T-Mo) to buy it. [MoDaCo via Redmond Pie] Thanks, Taimur!

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redman213 says:

It was someone at intel!! lol jk so someone please tell me i can use superboot on my Eris....

Anonymous says:

No joke, we have been waiting for root on the Eris forever. I really hope this method will work for us too.

Anonymous says:

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Anonymous says:

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