Droid Bionic

Motorola and Verizon Wireless are now pushing out software version 5.9.902 to Droid Bionic handsets, bringing a lengthy list of changes and fixes to the LTE-guzzling slab. The update, which weighs in at 57.6MB, provides Droid Bionic owners with a handful of welcome stability improvements, fixing crashes and lock-ups in a variety of areas. Some highlights from the changelog include fixes for --

  • Black screen lockups
  • Camera multi-shot lockups
  • Idle resets
  • Multimedia dock lockup
  • Data connectivity and stability improvements

So if you've been plagued by crashes and stability issues on your Droid Bionic, you'll definitely want to pick this one up. Head to Settings > About phone > System updates to begin. Check the source link for the full list of changes in this latest OTA.

Source: Verizon Wireless (PDF)


Reader comments

New Droid Bionic OTA rolling out, fixes bugs and stability issues


lol. yet another droid bionic that won't update....maybe third times the charm...third device replacement is on the way.....

To update your bionic.

Make sure social media over wifi is unchecked

Make sure battery saving mode is on maximum performance

Connect to a wifi

Works for me every time.

Mine won't update wither after downloading the .902 update. "The software update failed!" is all it says. Back to the drawing board, Moto!

Finally! I'm getting tired of my phone randomly rebooting.

Yet, my phone says it is up to date. Come on Motorola! I certainly won't buy a phone from you again - you take MONTHS to fix obvious bugs.

Sooooooo my device says no update needed (but its also rooted) do I need to reinstall all the apps I deleted before I do this OTA update? Or why am I not seeing it =(

Has anyone on 901 received the update and if so did it install? I am om 901 and have not received it nor can I pull it. Hoping it wont be an issue.

I'm curious about this as well. I was pushed the 901 update and like some confirmation I'm still on the official update path.

but...but...but...Moto and VZW are abandoning this phone for the Razr and Razr MAXX....how could they do an update??? they abandoned the Bionic...I read it so many times how they are abandoning the Bionic...I just don't get it


Still have not received update and received email from matt stating that I should be getting it. Getting worried that Motorola screwed us with 901

Can anyone else confirm that you don't loose root?

I thought you had to be un-rooted to get the soak test...

This is not a soak test.
I did the update and lost root. Tried One Click and the other rooting app, and both failed.

Is there some trick to force your phone to find/download this update? I'm still on .893 and have tapped "System updates" several dozen times and still get a "Your device is up to date!" message.

I got the update this weekend w/ no probs. but now there's new bloatware: amazon mp3, vzw apps, emergency alerts, mog music, slingbox. give me a break & let me delete these off my phone!!

is there a noob-proof way to root my bionic?

I updated to the recent pushed Bionic update with no problems. The only real issues to date had been that I would sometimes lose data connectivity (3G or 4G would disappear) and I'd have to go turn on Airline mode and off again.

I don't have any hacks. I don't understand why anyone thinks updates from the manufacturer should work if you have hacked your phone. I guess I'm just plain ignorant of the subject.

I'm happy with the phone (except the fact that the damn white lights for the menu stay on while watching videos at times and they are bright.)

I got this instead of the RAZR because I didn't like the idea of having a phone that you couldn't replace the battery without paying for a new phone.