Remember back at CES when Verizon announced that nameless Samsung device, and we were all wondering what it was. Well, some more information has surfaced about the device, and it appears as though the Samsung SCH-i510 LTE device is the Droid Charge. The device has surfaced yet again, this time with a mock up of a potentially new style to the good old Eye we are used to.

Interesting to see this non Motorola "Droid" branded device utilizing a variant of the Eye that has been seen in all the other Motorola Android devices, but was not found in the Eris or Incredible. While there is still unfortunately not a whole lot of information about the device, besides that it will run Android 2.2, and have an 8MP rear facing camera, and a front facing camera, the confirmation of the name brings it one step closer. [Pocketnow]


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Nameless Samsung device from CES now the Samsung Droid Charge; has new Eye


It didn't at launch tho it didn't get it's eye and droid boot animation until it got froyo. In fact the box didn't even say "droid" until after that as well. The incredible is still the best droid ever in my opinion.

Wow a samsung droid lol too bad samsung is horrible with updates . Now to wait for my motorola nexus

To be fair Verizon's "Droid" brand tends to get updates pretty frequently, and lacks things like Bing bloatware which I'm sure slowed Samsung down at least a little.

Who knows? Maybe the fact that it's a Droid will make Verizon put pressure on Samsung to have faster updates? One can dream at least...

EDIT: I do love the physical buttons though. I have to wonder whether or not Verizon will delay this launch slightly in order to merge it into the Galaxy S II though. It seems like a wiser choice given the fact that the whole world now knows a far superior model is coming out in the future.

Came to post what the others have already said lol The Droid Incredible has an Droid Eye of it's own.

It's A shame samsung doesn't have a pulse on what the enduser wants or needs. People will keep buying there stuff even knowing they are not supported by them.

The Droid eye (including the new one shown above) thing is the ugliest background. I just cannot understand why people chooose that background...looks like a big a$%&*^@.

yes, but it's a big mechanical a$%&*^@ that will release terror and destruction upon the world.. or so all the "Droid" commercials thus far lead us to believe...

Love those physical buttons... I'd take that over capacitive touch any day. Not digging that sloped lower section though. Oh and as a Fascinate owner... It would be a cold day in the entirety of HELL before I bought another Samsung phone!!!

That's a sleek phone and I happened to like the curves at the bottom, gives it definition compared to the "black slab" form factor so many of you seem to love. Guess a sense of style and artistic flare is something the tech geekvl community is void of.

Definitely getting this phone. It's not the best looking besides that Super AMOLED plus screen, but if I'm locked into a two year contract to Verizon, I want something I can root easily to keep up with updates and overclock. The Thunderbolt looks difficult (for me, a beginner) to root, and since HTC isn't down for the rooting community anymore and I'm not going anywhere near Motorola, this is the next best thing.

What does the "Droid" branding even mean? It seems weird that it's used sporadically among three different manufacturers.

I was considering this device for a while because of the awesome screen, but I decided to wait for the Bionic because of the internals. Looks interesting though.

Man so glad so see at least something about this phone. The information on this phone has been dry. It sucks not being able to look up a phone you plan on getting =/