A fun part of any Android experience is rooting and flashing custom kernels and overclocking the device to see exactly what it can do. For those who went out this week and picked themselves up a Motorola Xoom, your turn to join the overclock party is here already. XDA member coolbho3000 has overclocked the dual core Motorola Xoom to 1.5GHz, which judging from the video really speeds the device up, even more. If you have a Xoom, and already rooted, and unlocked the bootloader, be sure to hit the source for more information on how to overclock your device! [via XDA] Thanks, Michael, for the tip!


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Motorola Xoom gets overclock treatment, to the tune of 1.5GHz


Well we're already getting those Quadrant scores with the stock Atrix, so I'd love to see it oc'd.
This was fast work!

The other day I picked one up out of morbid curiosity and I admit I'm a kind of underwhelmed. You have early adopter devices and then you have devices that should still be in QA. Only one out of the four orientations can actually pan the home screens smoothly (very odd), for example, and general performance is erratic across the board. I trust it'll get fixed, but not likely before my 14-day remorse period is up.

Doesn't overclocking run the risk of burning out the processor in addition to draining the battery even faster than normal?

Not on Android handsets so much. I have my Evo overclocked to 1.2 ghz all the time and it doesn't heat up more at all. If you do get heat issues (like the OG Droid at 1.2ghz) you can set the cpu to slow down when it hits a certain temp. Also overclocking kernels almost always have undervolting built in. The cpu uses less battery even at higher speeds a lot of the time so it saves battery! :D

Curious questions. For a normal user is overclocking the right thing? Will overclocking lessen the life of the CPU and the other components that are overclocked?
On some sort of percentage basis how much better is the overclocked Xoom?

Omgrofllol! Holy buttercream! Have to haz xoom! !! Anyone know where you can buy online that has good return policys just incase something goes wrong!???

I donno I was playing with it in verizon store and after putting live wallpaper on it , the xoom just slowed down as hell , didn't like it overal - and yes i'm a big android fan ;)

Mine is pretty fast already. Its fast enough to show how slow VZW's 3g speeds are here in NW Florida. Im gonna wait until I get the LTE chipset installed to root. Really going to wait and see what the devs do after that and the source code is released.

my 3g xoom wont run stable at 1.5 ghz, only at 1.4ghz. am i doing something wrong?? but at 1.4 it linpacks at 55 mflps.

Let me know if anyone else is having this issue, so I don't feel like the only one lol but I have some stats at 1.4 ghz, quadrant was 2800 and linpack was 55 mflps. So I guess that's pretty good even though I can't overclock my xoom all the way.