Motorola has updated the Droid RAZR page, and it's now full of information and details about the forthcoming Ice Cream Sandwich update. Nothing is ever official until it's official, but word is that we'll be seeing the ICS OTA for the RAZR family sometime next week, so this would be very timely if that were to happen. Moto is going deep with the info here, offering up short videos for things like the lock screen, widgets, home screen customizations, and even a very well done complete overview of the changes.

We'll let you watch them all for yourselves, but we have to say it looks very well done. Hopefully the update process goes smoothly, and mostly bug-free, so the wait stings a bit less. Check em all out at the link below.

Source: Motorola

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dancing-bass says:

Just want to ask something for a friend who has a RAZR. Is this update only for the Verizon RAZR or all Motorola RAZR devices, regardless of carrier? Her's is on Rogers, so if its for all RAZR's then I'll give her the heads-up (and possibly do the update for her). If its just for Verizon, I guess she has to wait!

IceDree says:

I think this is for the Verizon RAZR , The GSM RAZRs will probably follow it soon

DWR_31 says:

It's nice to how close to stock Moto is keeping their version of Android.
I might have to go back on my promise of never using another Moto phone ever again.
Great hardware, and now finally great software to go with it.

IceDree says:

Man they removed allot of good widgets, almost all of them !

One thing though , Doesn't the RAZR requires an HD Dock or a LapDock or the WebTop Adaptor to launch WebTop ??? In the video , she just connects it to the screen via the Micro-HDMI cable& Thats it !!!

engineerga says:

I know with the current OS on my RAZR MAXX, if I connect an HDMI cable only (no adapter - don't own one), all I get is screen mirroring. I have never seen the Webtop interface in person. I did read that the only thing blocking it is built-in checks in the code to make sure you are using a Moto dock or adapter, so maybe they took that out?

IceDree says:

Yea,me neither, the closest I got to webTop is bunch of YouTube videos.
Its the same with the Atrix, except we don't have a Mirror option (not without root) ,we get the Entertainment Center instead

Yea I remember reading the same about the code & I really hope they took that out with ICS


Chriseckeard says:

IceDree the software version dose require one if the Motorola Duck to use Webtop. Perhaps the new ICS update gets rid of the dock requirement. Currently if you Root the Razr you can use Nebtop with out a dock and only use the HDMI cable.

IceDree says:

I didn't know that, Thank you

We have something similar with the Atrix for the WebTop. But i didn't do it since im not rooted

So screenshot is power and volume down for 3 secs. I hope the reset function still works as well.

It does after 10 secs

so screenshot 3 secs
reboot 10 secs

10001110101 says:

After running the .211 leak for the last couple days I'd say it feels ready.

engineerga says:

Did anyone else get the invitation to the soak test, fill out the survey, and never hear anything else like me? I have checked over and over for updates and never got one. The soak test invitation was sent only two days ago. How are they pushing this out now, when it seems the soak never started?

Maybe I just got left out... lol

N3tT3chMan says:

I got left out too.. I guess I did not give them the answer they liked. According to the link below VZW is pushing it starting today.

Masheen says:

7 months later lololol good thing I'm an OG in the Android game and got a Galaxy Nexus. O wait, Jellybean is coming out in a few months. Niceee