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You now have another week to pick up an off-contract Moto X for just $329

As a very nice Valentine's Day gift, Motorola is extending is $70 discount for off-contract Moto Xs through its online store until February 22nd. If you'll recall, this $70 discount promotion was the follow-up offering to the shorter-term $100 discount than ran back in January. It was set to end today at midnight, but Motorola has decided to push it back yet another week.

An instant $70 savings is nothing to sneeze at when it drops the off-contract price of a 16GB Moto X to just $329 — giving you room to add in additional storage or a wood back if you please. There's no coupon necessary for this one, either, simply go customize your Moto X at Moto Maker and the discount will be applied at checkout.

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Motorola extends $70 off-contract discount on Moto X to Feb. 22


Goodbye moto. U were the king back in the day now your owned by dem Chinese ahahaha

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And there's a big difference when you adore dem Korean manufacturers on the Southern Peninsula of China?

@DaFonZisBack :I put your comment through Google translate several times, I still don't know what you are ranting.. perhaps you should stop smoking oregano.


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Lenovo doesn't even own Motorola yet. And this deal was in place since the end of January -- they're just extending it a week.

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Motorola wants to dump the last stock before it switched over to Lenovo, closes Texas factory, and moves to good old Chine :)

I was gonna get at least one and send it as a gift but this price decline made me hesitant. I really wanna know how far-low they are willing to go. Especially after this Lenovo buyout "scare". Def sucks for those who paid 600 - for (in their case) resale value-depreciation it's the biggest hit ever.

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VZW Moto X

The people that paid full price for the Moto X have nothing to be ashamed of. No one could have predicted that the price would have dropped as many times as it did.

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The only reason I wasn't one of them was the lack of 32gb storage on Verizon at the time of release.

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VZW Moto X

I'm guessing the news of being bought by Lenovo didnt help their Valentine's day sale. While of course of course the news doesnt make the moto x any less of a phone i know it helped sway me to the nexus 5 and i can't imagine there are too many consumers buying off contract from who aren't aware of general tech news.

I purchased the Motorola X because it was on sale. Thought the "always on" feature was intriguing, but not enough for me to pay high price at introduction, especially when upgrades on other high spec phones were $199.

However, I was forced to change phones when my OG Razr Maxx lagged so much that it was unusable. Since my upgrade is not until May, I had to buy a phone off contract. Moto X sales timing was perfect time.

And I couldn't be happier. Moto X has meet my expectations of what a smart phone should be: not just ladened with meaningless specs, but designed smartly inside and out.

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Couldn't agree more. Just picked this up yesterday. Originally bought the lg g2 as its basically a nexus five specs wise; and while it was a quick phone with a fantastic camera, it was no stock Google phone. Returned it after 4 days and got the 16gb moto x. WELL WORTH the trade offs. Love this phone. First phone I might not root at all. No real reason. Love the added moto features and stock kit Kat fly's. An I must be one of the few who isn't scared off by the lenovo deal. They will do fine so long as they fire Ashton kutcher.

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Funny... I have big time lag issues with my maxx also.. No matter what I do, it always comes back... Sick of it.

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PS. To stupid mofos that don't buy it because of Lenovo's a great phone, hard to pick a clear winning between Nexus 5 and this

I'm in Motorola site and under customized and it still list it as 2 year contract with a "*" pointing to the promotion! I kind of scare to go further on the "Review + Checkout" button. I going to log off Google sign in and then go back and do the Moto Maker and see what the final price will be!