Motorola Droid 3 details

While this is in no way any indication of an immediate release, seeing the Motorola Droid 3 listed in Verizon's device management pages means the folks at big red are getting ready for the new slider to make it's way into stores.  We've seen pictures of the Droid 3 a few times, but the release date and specs still seem to elude everyone, although we've heard dual-core, 4-inch qHD display, and 3G only; sometime in June.  This latest piece of the puzzle still doesn't shed much light on any of it, unfortunately.  One thing we do know -- it's coming, and there's quite a few OG Droid users getting antsy to trade up to a newer model.  Not only is that a testament to the longevity of the phone that many feel started it all, but it should also be a hint to Verizon to hurry and help folks spend their money.

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Motorola Droid 3 appears in Verizon device management pages


I am one of the OG Droid owners. The reason I've held back on upgrading is cause I want a STOCK phone. I can give up the keyboard, though it is nice for long txts and games. But unless this comes stock (which I'm sure it won't) I'm really not that interested. I might just hold out for a phone with nvidia's quad core chips.

A stock phone on verizon most likely wont happen again. I mean that is why there isnt a nexus on verizon because they love loading it up with their bloatware. I wish they would get the next nexus but im not holding my breath.

So far the spec's sounds great
- 1GHz+ Dual-core CPU
- 4" qHD Screen
- 512+ RAM
- 5 raw QWERTY slider
- 8MP Shooter with HD
- HMDI out (Real port & not some HML adaptor)

Im an OG MILESTONE owner & this is really really tempting
now if Motorola managed to release the MILESTONE 3 before August , I might go for it (40% chance , while anther 40% goes to the Atrix & last 20% goes to a HTC Windows Phone 7)

Unfortunately without LTE it's a no go for me. I've been waiting for this phone for over a year. Definitely disappointing.

Can't help but think that this device should have better specs but going verizon I can see why it doesn't. 512 of ram that is so last year it's typical of verizon to select lower speced devices and OVERCHARGE FOR THEM. You can expect to see this for 250 or more that's what verizon does best.

Actually their lineup of 3g phones hasn't been over 199. And how is dual core, qhd screen low end specs? I mean the OMAP blows thru the benchmarks and other dual cores. 512 of ram is fine for most and not really that big of a deal. But I guess there is always those who complain about everything.

Dont listen to him. He will play up anything Sprint related, and bash everything Verizon related. He will spout baseless facts, and make outrageous comments with the sole intent of getting hostile responses. He has no posts in the forum and does nothing more than troll the front page. He will also act like a complete child if anyone says anything bad about Sprint. He used to do this daily on Phandroid until he was blacklisted from making comments.

The saddest part is that he is a middle aged man and not a young person trolling for fun.

I feel like VZW is starting to lean away from the OG Droid line. This line should have been the first with LTE. I understand they aren't doing to do the dual core + 4G anytime soon though.

The reason it isnt 4g is 1. Not that big of a footprint yet, and 2. With the first LTE radios with a keyboard it would cause the phone to be extremely thick. Look at all the LTE phones and how thick they are. Throw in a dual core and an LTE radio with a keyboard and it would be really huge. People would really complain then.

Its the first gen LTE radios and the Tegra 2 that don't work well together.

The radios work fine with the OMAP4. But like he said. It would be too thick

i figure like this VRZ should bring back the glory of the of droid. every one that grab the og droid is coming out of their contract in Oct. so if a stock droid won the hearts and minds of the masses follow what worked. now dual core and lte don't play well and lte is not all that wide spread plus there has been to outages already so I don't see that as a must have but more ram is important for so the dualies work more efficient. besides VRZ got an add on to the market so they can ooad all their blot there and at least get some insight into who wants that umm crap or stuff. I got an upgrade text a month ago but I'm waitin to see this d3 if they Mr motor n VRZ slurr and blot it up I think ill jump to sprint is cheaper and HTC sense is a better skin or forget a KB and brab a nexus s 4g. just my 2 pennies

Aren't the other us carriers releasing almost all phones from this point on with 4g?

This is making me regret coming to Verizon.

"4g" on other carriers is not really 4G. LTE is what you are looking for if you are after speed. "4G" basically means anything above 3g and the stuff by non-verizon carriers are really more 3.3g or 3.5g ;)

Wife just joined the ranks of Android-users with a Fascinate, and I gotta say it makes my OG Droid look really pathetic. Considering a new phone as I'm eligible for an upgrade, and this may be what I'm waiting for. Unless someone else comes out with a better device with a keyboard, but that seems unlikely.

So what's the bottom line (as far as we can see) this an upgrade from my Droid X if I don't need 4G/LTE???