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We all love a good rumor from time to time, and Twitter leaker @evleaks has revealed a tantalizing piece of possible branding today. As shown in the leaked image after the break, we're looking at the 'Motorola Moto X+1'. Nothing else has been published besides from the codename, which (as always) could change prior to a product announcement, but there's a chance we could be looking at a Moto X successor. Then again, we have no idea what this device could be.

Motorola Moto X + 1 Tweet

Motorola itself has hinted at a successor to the Moto X coming this summer. And while @evleaks has a solid track record, we do recommend some degree of caution, as there's not much context here — it could refer to a smartphone, tablet or something else entirely. We'll have to wait and see what Motorola has in store for consumers with "Moto X+1." In the meantime, check out our our six-month look-back feature for some Moto X nostalgia.

Source: Twitter (@evleaks)


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Motorola 'Moto X+1' branding appears in Twitter leak


Caution? Oh come on!
it is a sure thing, this guy gets the info straight from the manufacturers' PR department.

Exactly. Or that nexus 10 leak. I personally think evleaks has lost its edge.

Besides, Motorola gave a timeframe for the moto x sequal, late summer.

via moto x.

Not everything always pans out as leaked. The new Nexus 10 not coming out does not equal that the guy isn't credible or that he doesn't have credible sources.

Maybe it is a another promotional offer? Like buy a Moto X, get one free? Moto X +1?

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Rogers (Canadian cellphone carrier) recently discontinued the Moto X, could be a sign that the successor is coming sooner rather than later.

My thoughts are leaning towards the Moto 360 watch. Like when you bring a date to a party, a +1.
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Exciting. I'm really curious to see what the new moto x will bring. Mine has been great ever since I got it. Durable and receives updates faster than any phone I've ever owned. No complaints here. At this point I think anything could impress me more than the s5 or HTC one.

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hopefully wont take 7months to cross the pond.

from my old note3 which i had to sell my soul for;)

Hopefully they'll ditch the whole personalisation BS and launch globally.

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Just what i was thinking
It can't be X2 or X+1
Those would be an horrible name
Even thought I don't want one with a different letter than the X.

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The post shows MotoX+1 & Moto+X1.
Not sure what to make of him displaying both in the tweet..

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I'd like 5". Feel like that's the sweet spot, yet again that's subjective! 4.7-5 is fine with me.

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There's enough 5 and 5+ inch phones. Keeping a single high-end phone in the 4-4.7 range isn't a bad idea.

I've gotten used to a 5 inch screen too, but I recently compared my Nexus 5 to my old Incredible 2 and holy hell the Nexus is freakishly large in comparison. I wouldn't mind something a little smaller.

"+1" by some logic should be a device accompanying Moto X - not succeeding, but what do you know w these people nowadays.

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With the latest specs and camera please Moto. And make it cheap like you did the current X recently.

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Better camera please. That was the sole thing holding me back last year. Keep around same small footprint, and beef up internals a little

Moto better off without them. They focused on user experience in a way Google never cared enough to offer for the past 5 years

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Has Google actually made anything in the last 5 years?

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+1? Either the next Moto X or a Moto X + 360.

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Ugh O. We have moto's naming experts at it again. Look out for the Moto x+ Maxx hd rad ultra edition 4glte droid

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Motorola is perhaps my only hope for having an android phone to buy in two years that isn't the size of a phablet. So please keep making nice compact phones motorola!

The moto x is my mostest favoritest phone ever. This is the only phone I've ever owned where I haven't really been concerned with what's new nor what's on the horizon. Love it, absolutely!

Posted via Android Central best phone available: moto x

Every now and then? Might wanna check your sources there author, there are leaks every damn day. They've lost all meaning these days.

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Who cares about the name? I only care if the phone is good. Better camera and processor, better battery life, and keep the same size (maybe a touch of improvement on the screen) and I'm totally sold. Still need the active notifications and the touchless control, but they wouldn't leave that out since it's the moto trademark now.

I hope they do a Moto G to the Moto X2 or whatever it's called. Make it a world wide release.

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I would be happy to have got the Motorola X if it came with a 1080p Super AMOLED+ (full RGB), instead i got the Nexus 5 and switched the runtime to ART to fix the battery issue.

In all these comments, i see no one correlating Google+ and moto x+1. You like something on G+? You give it a +1. (Yes, this is obvious). I highly doubt that is the name because then they would work themselves into a corner. Next summer, the +2? I do not doubt the credibility of the leak. I do think moto in the last couple of years (since leaks of the "terminator" (targa), "jet" (maxx hd) and bullet (razr m) i think they know pretty well how to feed and fuel intetest (on forums exactly like these) without direct leaks to actual information. Surely, we wouldn't be as interested if we *knew* moto was doing this directly. Funny thing is, the names are rarely right at their first uttering. Does that mean i am right? Not by any means. Just suggesting another possibility.;)