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It was only a few days ago we got word that AT&T had started the Gingerbread soak for the Motorola Atrix, now -- the update, v4.5.9.1 is rolling out to users who are running stock builds on their devices. If you're rooted or have unlocked your bootloader to load the previously beta version, you will need to flash back. The full announcement info is past the break for you all, and don't hesitate to let us know how the update is working for you in the comments or in the Android Central forums. If manual updates are more your thing, the updates are available on the Motorola site.

Image Credit: XDA; Thanks for sending this in Aaron!

AT&T is pleased to release Android OS 2.3 (Gingerbread) software along with many other enhancements for the MOTOROLA ATRIX 4G will be available beginning July 22, 2011. The new software version will be v4.5.91.

On July 22, 2011, AT&T will publish a new software update for the MOTOROLA ATRIX 4G. This new software will add Android OS 2.3 software along with many other enhancements including:

Enhancements to the picture Gallery allow you to aggregate all your photos, your friends' photos and photo comments from social networking and photo sites like Facebook and Picasa in one place for easy viewing

Enhancements so your Music player is now connected to a dashboard for music discovery. Plus, easy access to all your favorite artists, live, personalized recommendations for songs & videos and news and event updates

User Interface
Updated user interface with simpler home screen design, including shift to use of white backgrounds in menus, enabling better viewing experience

Dock Icons
Enhancement that enables easy access to favorite apps at bottom of each screen

Organized App Tray
Enhancement that helps you personalize and categorize favorite apps into groups so you can be more efficient

Location Based Recommendations
Enhancement that provides access to social content in one place so you can find out what is happening around you. You can use Yelp reviews and Facebook check-ins to find out what others are recommending

Faster Webtop Browsing
Enhancement to webtop application includes Firefox 4.0 so you can browse faster than with previous versions of Firefox

HD Video Playback
Enhancement that now enables HD Video Playback in 1080p for better viewing experience

Multiple Recipient Emails
Create groups for multiple recipient emails so you can communicate faster

One touch conference call access
Enhancement that makes it easier to dial-in to conference bridges while you're on-the-go

Task Management Tools
Enhancement that makes it easier to create, edit & delete tasks, and to assign priorities and reminders

Productivity Tools
Enhancements to business ready security features so you can get more work done on-the-go which includes robust VPN, device and SD card encryption, device management via 3rd party console and remote wipe capability

Notification Tray
Enhancement that enables you to dismiss notifications one at a time

Device and SD Card Encryption
Enhancement adds both device and SD card encryption capability and policies.

Advanced IPsec VPN
Enhancement allows secure connectivity to corporate environments via IPsec VPN.

Application sideloading settings will be available to enable use of alternative application market places.

Beginning July 26, 2011, customers will begin to receive a notification icon which will appear on their home screen informing them that a software update is available. They should proceed to update their device wirelessly. For a successful installation, the battery should be at least 50%
charged and have an active SIM card installed in the phone. If the customer has received a notification message for this upgrade:

1. Ensure the phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network
2. Select "Download"
3. After the software is downloaded, select "Install now"
4. After the software is installed, the phone will re-start
5. The phone is now upgraded with v4.5.91 software

If the customer has not received a notification message for this upgrade:
1. Select the Settings icon in the main menu
2. Select "About phone"
3. Select "System updates"
4. A message will display the availability of an update
5. Ensure the phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network
6. Select "Download"
7. After the software is downloaded, select "Install"
8. After the software is installed, the phone will re-start
9. The phone is now upgraded with v4.5.91 software

* To check the settings on the device, select Menu->Settings->About
phone-> System version
* Upgrade process may take 30 minutes to complete based on amount
of user data on the device
* This upgrade can only be downloaded over a Wi-Fi network. If the
device loses Wi-Fi coverage, the download will resume once the device
gets a Wi-Fi connection again.

AT&T will make the software update for MOTOROLA ATRIX 4G available on July 22, 2011 for those customers wishing to update manually. A software update notification will be wirelessly pushed to the MOTOROLA ATRIX 4G beginning on July 26, 2011.

Customer Benefits:

Customers will notice the new features and experience performance improvements listed above by updating their devices to software version 4.5.91.


Reader comments

Motorola Atrix Gingerbread update rolling out now for AT&T users


So, is the updater going to be bugging me every hour to update? I want to wait a week or so till the root issues get worked out. I've got many root apps to stop using them right now.

Choose Install Later and then hit Cancel on the window that pops up. It'll stop bugging you and you can do a manual update check when you're ready to update.

If you want the bootloader unlock you'll have to do it before you upgrade, and then you'll have to flash. I did it with a guide from XDA, and it wasn't that hard actually, and I'm a ROM noob.
You can use preinstall on the flash to install root.

Hi. Mine's failing. After downloading, letting it reboot & start the upgrade process, it switches to a screen with a yellow exclamation mark inside a white triangle beside the little android fellow. I have to battery pull to recover

I did unlock the phone months ago but I thought I had returned to stock - and Rootchecker tells me I'm not rooted. Can my bootloader still be unlocked even if the phone is no longer rooted? Thanks.

I see a note below that having Swype beta installed will cause this. I did have Swype at one point but uninstalled it...not sure if remenants of the install are present and causing the problem.

It is working for me now. I had to flash the phone using the stock Motorola 1.2.6 & RSDLite. It failed numerous times but I persevered. Message me if you need some help (although I'm not v technical like those XDA guys).

I just updated mine. Easy and painless. Still no MS exchange contact pictures and a lot is definitely different but it's time to play.

I'm unrooted and not unlocked but mine still says no update is necessary. Ever since my Atrix randomly rebooted in the middle of playing with WidgetsLocker and wouldn't come back on, when I finally revived it by flashing the stock SBF file from XDA, it never finds any updates anymore. :-\ I hope this doesn't mean I can't do the manual, at least. Though I wonder if it's the same process as loading the stock SBF file when my phone broke, or different. I'm new to all that stuff.

Did you make sure that u have your wireless on before you checked for update. I know I always forget.

Yeah, I'm almost always on wifi. But, I just read the bottom of the post, saying it's only available for manual updating right now. Apparently July 26th is when they start the OTA? We'll see if I get one then...but I never got one for the 1.8.3 update or whatever it was, which was a long-ass time ago.

Thanks for trying to help, by the way!

That surprises you? Look @ how they fumbled the Froyo update on all US carriers. And don't forget that they also stranded a lot of phones on Cupcake & Donut before the Galaxy S 1's even came out to begin with! That's why you simply don't buy Samsung no matter how nice the specs are.

Stop b****ing & either root your phone to get your own software updates, or sell the Samsung & start buying from a manufacturer that supports their devices.

Even tho Jerry posted a great article about this I have to agree.

Over the course of time, manufacturers EARN their reputation, and have to live with it. Sammy has repeatedly done this to its customers year after year, model after model. There is no reason to believe they will stop anytime soon.

The only Samsung phone I would consider is the Nexus S, and only because Google, not Samsung controls the updates to that phone.

Samsung phone are nice phones, great specs, and they stand behind their warranty. But the average phone user unwilling or unable to hack their phone will maybe get one update over the useful life of their phone before it is abandoned. Your mom is probably fine with that.

If you read and post here, you probably won't be fine with that.

Downloading right now. Went to the ATT chat and was told only 1000 people would get the manual update, then will be available July 26th and will be getting software update icon in waves.

Can't believe less than 1000 people haven't tried the manual update. All you have to do is settings, about phone, updates, and as long as you're on WiFi and have more than 50% battery power, you're good to go.

I just downloaded the update. It seems to be running smoothly. I'm liking the new blue theme. I just noticed that while typing gingerbread actually shows the next word you night want to use based in previous sentences you've typed. Already I've found this new feature to be useful when it's right and annoying when it's not.

My Atrix seems to be lagging. Flipping through different section with launcher pro lags. And it takes about 5-10 secs for a app to open after you touch on it. Anyone else on the same boat?

Do a full wipe and reload and your problem will be solved I use launcher pro as well and mine runs smooth as a baby's bottom on this build.

Just downloaded it! My Atrix is flying with Gingerbread. There are some little nuances (like the way it puts the screen to sleep) that add a really nice touch to the Android experience. Some of Motorola's icons are butt ugly, but that's a minor detail. I love it!

btw if you have a swype beta installed the OTA update will fail (exclamation point icon). Either apply the stock swype if you even have it (I did not) or flash .83 and then apply the OTA. Just did it myself and rooted the phone right away :).

Yeah I installed this on my wifes atrix and now it boots up, then powers downas after it boots, then when it boots back up its stuck in rds mode , says it can't boot... What's up ? Any ideas?

Inspire still needs love!! at least we know now att wont stop their high end phones from getting android updates!

I love the update. Just the lost of Root kind of stings. It is not high on my list of things to fix as the only rooted thing on there that I would think about using was the teathering and even then it is not a big deal as I do not see myself going on a trip any time soon. I figured our good friends at XDA will have root soon enough.

I think there's too much of big hype over these GB updates the only thing that it does well on is Battery life becomes slightly better i think all android phones need to see a different OS Something More Appealing Like A modern Version Of Honey Comb Mobile. yea yea i know honey comb is for tablets but im pretty sure it can be done specially now on phones that have Dual Core Processor no point on having GB 2.3.3 when we can have 2.3.4 or whatever is higher!!!

The update was 2.3.4 not 2.3.3 like people had originally thought it would be.... However if we eventually get Ice Cream sandwich on the Atrix 4g that will piece together honeycomb and gingerbread

And for the french users :(.
Somebody can post a video with the new blur, music player, and bench.TY
wait for orange(fr) grrrr.

The upgrade went without any problems for me, but it did lag at one point when the install bar was about 2/3 full or so. It stopped there for long enough that I was starting to get worried that I might have to pull the battery in the middle of the install, but after 15 minutes or so, it picked back up again. If that happens to you, don't panic. :)

Just wanted to ask:
1) what is sideloading
2) i looked in the camera settings and it still has a 720p recording does the 1080 mean output?
3) for some reason my phone kept reseting after like 12hours of doing the update did anyone else have this problem?
4) out of the blue the LeD starting blinking green when i went to sleep mode or just turned off the screen, did anyone else experience this? because now it stopped doing this and i did not touch any of the LeD settings.
5) also did they improve the battery i didn't catch it up top in the forum?

1 - install apps from other places (amazon app store, apk files... etc) than the android market
2 - no they still haven't added 1080p recording, they may never do this cause its strenous on the card and the phone, and no we probably will never get 1080p out as i don't think our phone has that power to do that
3 - dunno
4 - mine on froyo blinked if i had a new notification i didn't look at yet when i blanked the sreen
5 - don't know.

As far as point 2 goes...

1080p out is capable through the tegra 2 chipset as is through HDMI as would be 1080p recording... however they have not instituted a software update to do this though they are said to be working on such an update... As far as output it defiantely has the power to output 1080p reliably as well as record it...

Tegra 2's default output for video playback on HDMI is actually 1080p, Has the same function for encoding recordings as well, its specifically designed to do 1080p so why wouldn't the chip handle it, Keep in mind that the LG Optimus 2x which is slightly weaker memory wise and all has full support for the tegra 2 chipset. I think that Motorola had some trouble tailoring their software to the tegra 2 setup right off so did what they could and decided to upgrade later on really.

Either way this was a great update and it feels like a new phone almost.

I've seen where they are claiming they helped out the battery life, but I haven't noticed any difference in it. Maybe for other users, but I game a good bit on mine and it still kills it.

Still, I've loved the update since I got into the soak. It almost feels like a new phone with some great additions to it. I was afraid I got a phone that would never see any support with as fast as the price dropped on the Atrix. Upgrading is worth it for getting to use the Amazon store without side loading.

i'm trying to update my atrix and it starts the update but when connected to wifi does not show progress bar or that it is downloading the update, when i turn off wifi it says update will resume when in wifi coverage, when on wifi checking for the update it says download is in progress...any ideas? can i reset the download or something? i tried force stopping some apps and clearing data/cache for a few apps in manage applications but no luck

BEWARE! the update bricked my unrooted phone. got fully installed, and the new look is there, but then the phone touchscreen became completely nonresponsive. after four or five attempts at doing a factory reset, i called att and they're sending me a new phone because mine is DONE.

only thing i can think is that i had been using the spb 3d launcher/shell rather than the stock one. but nothing i did, or tech services did,was able to give me back a responsive touch screen.

someone commented above that the update carries some risk of bricking a phone. anyone have any more information on this, or on how to restore the thing to a working phone?

hey whats up everyone. just updated my atrix. was rooted on 1.83.. flashed back to 1.26 and ota'd up to 4.5.91.. its great, not really concerned with the unlocked boatloader as im sure devs will figure it out soon enough. it runs really smooth and looks great. but wanted to ask and see if everyone elses lockscreen is the same as froyo. ( two bottom sliders) and not the new lockscreen we have seen with the droid 3. ??? thanks any info would be great

I have the same question. The lock screen on mine is the old Froyo style and I keep reading that there should be a new one. Hope someone can help with an answer. Thanks.

ran the update and it looks great, however, it appears that many of my contacts have been erased. anyone else noticing this sort of problem? anything I may have overlooked to recover them?

If you open contacts then press the menu button you will se a group of options to help you sort the contacts and list them how you like. Good luck.

unfortunately I had already tried that sort of simpler solution. appreciate the idea though. does anyone have any others?

I keep getting the triangle exclamation point and an ATT rep told me today he was having the same problem. Any ideas. I unrooted and wiped gingerblur off my phone and factory data reset the thing. Any ideas. I want this update so bad since I was continuously following the rumors and updates.

updated yesterday and everything went smoothly. my battery life has definitely been noticeably better and i really like the small changes to appearance. also noticed that things seem to be running a bit faster or more efficiently. bootloader is definitely unlocked and already tested with amazon app store. really happy with this update. like others, feels like a have a completely new phone again!

Much improved battery life I would say about 25% from my daily usuage. New Blur is great. Love the Profiles option for home, work and weekend. Bluetooth is also improved

In order to get past the triangle exclamation point you must flash the. 26 sbf with rsdlite then update. Motorola wanted to make me send my phone back to them for repairs.

You do not need to put the .26 sbf back in order to bypass the white triangle. You can flash the 1.8.3 sbf with rsdlite 5.0 and then you can update to GingerBread 2.3.4.

I did it, so I can say it works.

i have i can just use the 1.2.6 RSDlite instructions at the top and i should be go to go correct?

Ok, nice job but what about the Atrix users in Europe (the UK specifically), when do we expect the update considering Motorola promised a 'simultaneous' US and European update pushout???

Im on T-Mobile but they haven't even acknowledged the Gingerbread availability.

Anyone else notice the Motorola music player in the new GB build doesn't skip ahead to the next song? When you press it in the app it does nothing and from the music bar shortcut/widget on my home screen the skip ahead/fast forward button just restarts the song. How did that get past Moto's QA?

Battery life is much-improved, although the smaller notification bar makes things harder to read, like how many exchange emails I have waiting for me. I can't see that number anymore due to the tiny size. The notification bar just seems lower-res and not as sharp, definitely worse than before. That's trivial though. Other than that annoying bug with the music player (I downloaded a new music player), GB's been great overall.

Yes, I've noticed this also. If you use the Album sort, all of the songs seem to be split up and not part of the same album!! I guess if each song was an album on it's own, the action of replaying or going back to the same song would be right. Very weird.

So....Just finished the 2.3.4 install and so far so good. Only downside is that I lost the 1080p record I had prior to update (gingerblurred and rooted). A ton of new features and UI changes. I think the new motorola blur is a major improvement over the Froyo version, but definitely not the winning UI available out there. CRT close screen is awesome. I've noticed that the overall use is somewhat slower than the gingerblur I had, but I will wait for this to get a root.

4/5 rating for me.


I had similar issue, that is I rooted my Atrix and wanted to upgrade, but it kept failing and showing the dreaded "triangle exclamation point" and the android. However I then did the install by using the PC automatic version, (on motorola's website) and it worked first time. So if you're stuck download and run the PC automatic install, it worked first time for me when nothing else would work.