Motorola just announced MOTOBLUR, an Android based UI that places a large emphasis on social networking. From what we know so far, MOTOBLUR is:

  • A set of social networking widgets
  • Deep integration of social networking services into the Android OS
  • Online backup, restore, and remote wipe
  • Integrated contacts and email ala Synergy

The service looks to be very compelling. You have Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace statuses all updateable at once and also populated everywhere on the device. Getting a call? See their latest Facebook profile photo and their latest Facebook status (or Twitter, or whatever) pop up as the Caller ID.  Tap on a contact and see their entire social network history right within the address book. It's a very comprehensive take on all your social networks.

Furthermore, it looks like it'll be a joy to use--HTC Sense watch your back.

In addition, MOTOBLUR offers an online backup service that allows you to log in and track your phone's location if you lose it, and then remotely wipe it if it's clear that it's gone astray.

The first device to take advantage of MOTOBLUR will be the T-Mobile CLIQ in the US.  More on that in a moment!


Reader comments

Motorola Announces MOTOBLUR - A Social Network Powerhouse


Sorry.... Not feelin' it. Take a look at more pics on Android Community:

It looks like a bad implementation of the Nokia N97 home screen. Really cluttered. The only saving thing I can see is those tabs at the bottom. If they serve as desktops, then that might work. That is to say, one tab with 3 or so screens for social networking, another tab for gaming apps, etc.

And what's with the trackball on the keypad? Playing certain games like Pac-Man which require it to run in portrait (unless you use the accelerometer) could prove problematic. Not to mention how clunky it will feel for users of Blackberry and other trackball phones.

Oh yeah, and the remote wipe is a gimmick. If you use the pattern lock that's already built into Android and someone steals your phone, after I believe it's 10 attempts (first 5 bad attempts them wait 5 minutes then you get another 5) if the correct pattern isn't used, it wipes the phone anyway. A friend let someone play with his G1 to see if he could crack his code and it forced a factory reset.

Motorola, you're stretching. And it doesn't look like you have another Razr here.

The Blur service will also provide you with a mechanism to recover all your data (contacts, library etc) instantly when you move to a new phone as you lost your old phone or damaged it.