The Moto X's customizability through the Moto Maker site is an important differentiator for Motorola, and if the latest rumor from Twitter leaker @evleaks is to be believed, the apparent successor to that phone, dubbed "Moto X+1" could take things a step further with new backplates, including leather and wood options.

The 25 back panel varieties listed in today's leak include —

  • Cool: Navy, Turquoise, Olive, Royal Blue, Dark Teal
  • Neutral: Slate, Purple, Smoke, Black, Chalk
  • Warm: Red, Orange, Lemon Lime, Violet, Crimson, Raspberry, Cabernet
  • Wood: Teak, Bamboo, Rosewood, Ebony
  • Leather: Black, Red, Grey, Blue

Motorola has said a successor to the Moto X is on the way this summer, but so far little is known about the device besides the rumored "Moto X+1" monicker.

If today's list turns out to be accurate, the new leather-backed options are sure to attract attention, as this kind of finish has so far been the purview of exclusive smartphone brands like Vertu.

So would you buy a leather-backed, second-gen Moto X? Shout out in the comments!

Source: @evleaks


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'Moto X+1' back panel options rumored, including wood and leather


Let's see here:

Samsung Captivate: Captivated no one.
Samsung Infuse: Need to be infused to use the damn thing.
Samsung Instinct: The instinct to stay away from it.
Cyanogen: Oneplus One: =2 but there's only one. Rip off from HTC One.
Oppo Find 5, 7: Find what? Performance? The phone itself?

There are many stupid names out there including this X+1. Just call it the Moto X2 and be done with it.

I think everyone is missing the most obvious marketing strategy. Moto xxx in black leather.

And boom goes the dynamite.

I think the in the rest of the world it was named the Desire Z not sure why they called it the G2 in the states.

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If they're going with algerbra, I think they should go with "Moto X2 (squared)" instead "Moto X+1", that sounds like an accessory name.

Now That name I do like

"From here on in you shall be known as Moto X2 (squared with a little number 2)" :-)

*(I couldn't find it on my keyboard either)

The difference between Moto and those others, though, is those are actually the names of those devices. The Moto X +1 is nothing more than a rumor.

Thats correct this is the name that was made up by the press to show its new. Now that Lenovo owns them there might be a connection there. The think phone lol.

the Oppo Find 7 has a Snapdragon 801 CPU, 2 GB of RAM and a 2K/1080p display... I don't know what you're talking about...

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And what about one of the longest names: Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch? Phone makers should just keep it simple and stick with only incremental numbers.

We should call the next Motorola phone The All New Motorola Moto X 2 4G Special Edition (2014) Smartphone.

I want the X2 but not in leather. It would be nice if they include wireless charging.

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This day and age, wireless charging should be standard. Period. You don't have to use it if you don't want to and you don't have to feed it so why not include it? It should be standard in all phones.

I can't see Moto dropping wireless charging in the new phone. i for one would never buy another phone that doesnt have wireless charging.

Wireless charging, keep it a 4.7" screen with a *dare I say* 720p resolution, and just shrink the bezel a little. It doesn't hurt to have a flagship phone that doesn't waste R&D on stupid things like an exorbitant amount of pixels you can't see, which only decrease performance and battery life, and increase cost. The Moto X is the only phone that can easily steal iOS users, because of it's stripped down Vanilla Android experience without all the gimmicky crap.

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Agreed! For me, resolution on phones is not *that* big of a deal. 720p is perfectly sufficient, and I don't think that the extra cost in battery life is worth it for the bump to 1080p.

On the other hand, I'm all for cramming as many pixels as possible into tablet displays, because that's the device that I use for watching video, reading comics, etc.

I'd like the X+1 to launch in Europe with motomaker as soon as possible after launch in the US. If they do, I'll seriously consider it over the Nexus 6/2014.

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Is this one of those things where the back will be wood or leather, or will it be "wood" or "leather"?

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Maybe. I'm definitely interested in X+1, but I hope the developer's edition can be customized.

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^This. Biggest gripe I had with the X is that the Dev Edition couldn't be customized. Want to root and keep your warranty? Then you need to use a fugly phone.

I can only imagine that wouldn't be the final name, but hopefully, only a project name, etc. It's just a terrible name. They should call it the all new Moto X or even the X2.

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What about the specs?

What about Moto Maker available in more countries? What about the price?

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I just hope they keep the screen size and shrink the bezels even more, with maybe a X10 processor and 1080p resolution.

Re: Specs. Who cares? Moto already showed specs don't mean shite.
Re: country availability. There are plenty of phones that aren't available everywhere. It's not something worth crying about.
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Re: Price. Do you REALLY think this is going to be an issue?

Not so. Specs do matter. My Maxx is proof. It was slow around some corners. Slightly better specs would be appreciated.

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I'm in for leather. Definitely. This will be my new phone. Just wish there was brown leather, though.

They've got to have brown leather. I'm thinking this "leak" is missing a few details, including the different woods that will be offered. Without brown leather, I'm thinking that I may have to go to one of the wood options. Also will be interesting to know the leather finish... will it be soft Coach-like leather, or alligator pattern?

Only thing keeping me from getting a Moto X right now is there is no, Qi charging. If the X+1 has Magnetic Qi charging like the Nexus 5, it will be a first day purchase for me.

Yeah, I hate that 1 second it takes to plug in the free USB cable. I'd much rather have a $50 charger.

73 minutes you'll never get back over a 2 year contract, assuming you plug it in once a day besides the one time at night, and plugging it in/unplugging it takes a total of 3 seconds.

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So if it takes me 73 minutes, and I save 50$, I kinda like my pay per hour on that one..

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Not to mention you'll need more than one charging mat. I used wireless charging for a year plus with my Palm Pre. It's neat, but at this point it's still just a gimmick, and an expensive one at that that brings zero added value.

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That 50 dollar charger can charge ANY qi enabled phone, especially in future devices so that 50 dollar charger can go along way. Sure it takes only a FEW seconds to plug it in, but I don't have to worry about the charging port being damaged or the cord breaking which would not be "FREE" if you have to replace it.

To each his own. But I prefer to drop and go....besides if I need to, I can still use the "FREE" USB cable if I want.

Ignore them. Only people who've never used wireless chargers make comments like that.

I have 3 qi chargers, one for work that cost $20, one for home that cost $40 and now an airdock for my car at $40 and I won't have to buy a charger for years. After the N4 and now the N5 I've gotten more then fair use out of them, and I will not buy a phone that is not qi capable because of the convenience.

Yeah but people who use the supplied chargers don't have to buy one either and save the money. But more power to you, do what you want, you now need a phone like that to justify the purchase.

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False. I used wireless on my Palm Pre before moving to Android. It was a neat feature, but ultimately just a gimmick, just like Qi charging is.
Yes, a Qi charger can charge any Qi equipped phone. Bravo *slow clap*. Of course, micro USB charges any phone that's not an iPhone, any non iPad tablet, my battery backup, kindles and any number of devices. It's also a lot more portable.

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Should have called it the MOTO XL, or something Haha :P Let's hope the launch for this device isn't a total disaster.

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i am kinda iffy on the whole leather thing. it seems like it would scuff easily and most likely tear due to how thin it is going to have to be. if they do it right... im game. but i would be more apt to getting a wood back instead.
the question is why are they calling it rosewood again?

Why yes I have. But i have yet to see a piece of leather on the back of a phone where 'thin is in' go through all of the trials and tribulations that a phone goes through. While I am sure moto has put it through the ringer... I am not sure if it would be best for me. I do not put cases on my phone.

I don't use cases on my phones either. But I would think, a quality leather back on a phone would actually be more durable than the faux leather plastic that Google has used on the Nexus 7, and Samsung has used on it's devices. I brought up leather wallets because the leather used on a phone shouldn't be that different in "thickness," than that of a wallet or a shoe, and both of those things get put through "trials and tribulations." I would think a material good enough to be used on a shoe that you walk around in every day, through all kinds of terrain, conditions, and weather, should very well be good enough for use on the back of a phone. Also, one of the whole characteristics of leather is that markings and scratches become part of it's character, that is a whole different concept for a phone, but, yes, that could very well not be one you may be comfortable with, but I'm definitely ready for it.

Me too. The outside is nice but all I really want is a modest spec bump that keeps it affordable.

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If the price is right, I may get it off contract as I'm unhappy with Verizon and can't wait to move on....

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Where is the outrage at the fake leather like we had with the Note 3?

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1. made in imitation; artificial.
1. a material made from the skin of an animal by tanning or a similar process.
One is premium, the other is not. Until I hear if the leather option is fake, which I'm sure it will be for the sake of PITA and the likes uproar, I'll reserve my judgment.
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Fake leather would be dumb. It defeats the purpose. I'm sure it will be real. Fake leather is what everyone else is doing. Fake leather is Samsung

You, me or anyone else have no idea if it is gonna be real or fake. I kinda think real would be a problem..

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The wood backs were real wood so I expect the leather ones will be real as well.

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The all New Moto Max+X!

I'm picking one up on day one of it has moar cores and 4k 5.2" screen with wrap around screen #nobezels! FTW WTF TOATS

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They promised rosewood for the first generation Moto X, and substituted Walnut. Hope this time they will have Rosewood. That would be enough to wait until late Summer.

Hell yes I would buy a leather backed X! I ride a motorcycle & am all about the leather.

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dear Moto X,

I was made aware that I could select a different back cover, if I requested the (torquise) back Moto X cover?

Am I correct, and if you can send the back cover, which was free, and since I was not made aware of this- it should be free.

Alfred Scott

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I really liked the darker stained wood on the Moto X. And it will be interesting to see if Motorola uses quality leather.

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Colors are cool and all, but I suspect my like for any particular one will fade long before the phone does. That's why I like removable backs. My S3 has been white, red, burgundy and gold, and blue. It may be white again, soon. And I change my on-screen theme to match.

If Lenovo allows the moto x to continue on the path google set it on and google ends the Nexus phones I will get one of these. I have a hard time believing lenovo will leave its phones stock for long though.

I'd consider a leather back if they offered it in various shades of brown, but I have no desire at all for a colored leather back.

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It would have been nice if they had offered it before release on VZW. I hope this time you can order before release not after.

Leather sounds cool, but I'd rather Kevlar or carbon fiber be additional options.

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