Ebony, teak and walnut join bamboo to round out the 'natural' back choices at Moto Maker

There were some rumors going around this morning that the wood-finish backs for the Moto X — scheduled to make their appearance today — would be delayed. We're happy to say that's not the case and the four wood choices are now available at the Moto Maker site.

The wood will cost you a $25 premium over the normal $424 (16GB) and $475 (32GB) price, but we've gotta say that in this case, it would be $25 well spent. Derek just ordered his (in teak) and delivery is expected on January 24 — this Friday.

For renders, and to just play around if you're not ordering, hit the link below and check things out. If you do pick up one of these beauties, be sure to send us a picture!

Source: Moto Maker


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Moto X wood-finish backs now available on Moto Maker site


Okay, so I'm at the Sprint store and I put my GS3 next to the Moto X to compare. Besides customizable outer body parts and always listening, I'll basically be wasting my upgrade if I get one.
Don't get me wrong, I really like the Moto X, but I'm already using one with a Samsung logo on it.

Posted from my "KNOX-FREE" 4.3 Sprint GS3...!!!

Lol! Agreed... That statement couldn't be further from what could be conceived as accurate.

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Okay guys I didn't clearly explain. Spec wise I want my upgrade to have better specs, not similar ones.

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Hisense Sero 7 Pro

WHile I do not totally agree with your statement I can see your point. The S3 is comparable to the X in a lot of ways, and actually superior to it in at least one(camera).

The battery life on the X would be better, but if your ok with the software overall (and the moto dynamic notifications are immaterial) your right.

There is no reason to "upgrade" laterally this time around.

Maybe in the next one.

I bought a moto x just to try out, thinking I'd just sell it. Two days later, I sold my Note 2.

I regret NOTHING.

Dude I upgraded to the x from the s3. I say to myself everyday this by far the best phone I have ever owned. It out performs my gs3 by miles. Of you need a sheet of paper in the sprint store to make you feel better though I understand. Imo your upgrade is waste the second you but another sprint phone. My s3 on Verizon smoked by buddies s4 on sprint every day! And I'm in Florida where sprint supposedly has LTE!!!

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I really funny think that using a dual core CPU instead of a quad core is a big deal. It has two extra courts that control the special functions of the phone. Because of that, the dual core CPU can focus just on running the operating system, and none of the extras.
Moto has it right. Specs aren't everything. A few of my friends have the moto x, and it if just as fast as anything running a snapdragon 600.
If you do upgrade, just keep your s iii and go back to it if you're not satisfied, or trade in the x for dieting else, like the g2.

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Well that's what I just did - from S3 to Moto X. Except for the camera Moto is superior all around.It's twice faster and smoother whatever the task is. Gaming on S3 was a joke - you'll get 3x the frame rate. GPS locking in is lightning fast on X - unlike on S3. Radio signal both voice and data is better. Speaker is much better - mic too.
I don't wanna go over the features bc everyone has different needs but side to side "spec" comparison is irrelevant for these too.

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Usually I am ok with what ever you say, you make good comments.

This one is kinda BS. Signal and GPS have never been an issue with my S3s. If you were to say signal, fine that could be the carrier or wherever you are. GPS, no way. I lock on instantly and accurately.

Gaming is the same. Now I am not talking high end games, I do not play them and you would more than likely be in the right. A newer device will be able to play newer games better. Casual games the S3 is fine for. Deer hunter, candy crush, that kind of stuff.

The camera is where you are really wrong. At the worst, they are comparable. Realistically, the S3 is still better in most instances. You can say the moto x is more responsive to opening, and I might agree, but if you take 10 pictures with each, you are going to get a consistently better picture from the S3 than the X. If you play with the X and mess with the settings, sure it can take a good picture. But straight up point and shoot, the S3 will do it better more consistently.

the update to the X camerahelped, but not enough to say it is better.

You misread it about the camera - I said "except for the camera Moto is..."
Moto X has the worst camera among any flagship phone and I said quite a few times before. I still can't believe that they failed so badly.
I had 3 different Roms on my vzw s3 and using GPS was pain in the a. Idk, if yours was in an instant than mine could have been an anecdotal case and that's fine. I was coming from Gnex which had absolutely useless GPS so I kinda made a connection.

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I guess everyone has different results. There nothing wing with that. If his s3 wasn't what he wanted, that's fine. You, nonexus, clearly were satisfied with yours. That's fine, too.

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Source? What they said is it is real wood treated to look like Walnut, Teak, or Ebony. For example, the Teak version is an unspecified wood FINISHED to look like Teak. It is NOT Teak.

I apologize for reading your post wrong. They are all real wood but are finished to make them look teak, walnut ebony.

These look great in the pictures. I don't know why, but there is something kinda cool about using a low tech material like wood in a high tech smartphone.

To bad the end user can't buy just the back plate and install it themselves.

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Anyone know if AT&T price matches the unlocked or no contract price? AFAICT they're still charging $529 for the 16GB, plastic model

Because I'm under contract but now eligible under the Next promotion from yesterday to buy a Next phone and save $15 a month. But if you choose the Moto X, it's selling for the $529 price.

You have to pay 25 a month for the phone if you do that.

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Then buy directly from Motorola, why do you want to buy from AT&T if you are doing off contract?

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Even better, buy the "T-Mobile" unlocked version from Motorola then you have no branding, preinstalled crap apps and more frequencies.

Buy it direct from Motorola. I believe you can get the AT&T-compatible version for $399 outright.

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Ordered an Ebony back and expected delivery is Jan 27th Monday. Hopefully they get to me before Saturday.

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It's kind of beyond me why they waited until now to make these available. Most people have the phone by now and I am not going to pay 400 plus when you can get one cheaper thru the carrier.

I am guessing that this was a test run kinda thing. Not to mention the stupid exclusive they had going on.

The X2 should be better off now that they have the systems up and running.

I've been waiting for these wooden backs, but now 5 months later, I'm thinking I should hold out for the X2!

Completely happy with my N5 right now. Not sure if I should pull the trigger or not.

Keep the n5. Wait for x2

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Here's a great idea, cut down the few standing teak trees for you phone that you will discard in a short time, that's the ticket.

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Don't worry, from what I understand no teak, ebony or walnut trees were harmed in the making of these back plates.

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the normal price for the 16GB is $400 and the 32GB is $450, your prices of $425 & $475 are including the wood backs

Yeah. Exactly.

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Too late Motorola... I waited and waited and could wait no more... went ahead and took the plunge on the LG G2, and holy crap am I happy with my decision. Best phone I've ever had... by far!! Thanks for taking forever with releasing the wood backs, Motorola. Blessing in disguise.

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Lol. I have its distant sibling the Nexus 5 best phone I've ever had.

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Yeah. There phones are amazing.

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2fast is correct.

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I stand corrected. I didn't believe wooden backs would be commercially viable due to the natural characteristics of wood when exposed to humidity or lack thereof.

Looking forward to the unveiling of the HTC One (2014). Likely to win multiple awards and accolades like the original.

I wish Motorola would just open the Moto Maker to Europe too. I would definitely consider getting a Motorola IF I was allowed this freedom of customization.
Darn lucky Americans...

If you don't care about LTE frequencies, you can just do what I did. Get TunnelBear/ToR Browser with node at USA, order it from Moto maker (unlocked) and get it mailed to BorderLinx (or similiar service).

It's bit costly since you have to pay taxes when it hits Europe, but you can get perfect Moto X this way. (And not like there was much options 6 months ago when I got mine :) )

This wooden back is a beauty, sadly it won't be available outside US I think. More brand should make a phone like this.

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Might want to update the article, since the $424 16GB/$475 32 GB price points are the prices *with* the wood, not the base prices. Those are $399 16GB/$450 32GB.