Moto X

Only 16GB model available, colors and specific availability unknown.

Following in the footsteps of AT&T this afternoon, Sprint has announced its own pricing and availability window for the newly-announced Moto X. Just like its larger counterpart, Sprint is hitting the same price point of $199 for the 16GB model but will not have the 32GB available as of now. Color options aren't known right now either, and it isn't clear at this point how long AT&T will have those locked up.

No specific availability is given by Sprint for the Moto X other than "this Summer", indicating that a launch date will be shared when we get closer to it. For now, Sprint is offering a pre-registration page where customers can sign up to get more information on the device.

Source: Sprint; Pre-registration


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Moto X hitting Sprint 'this Summer' for $199 on-contract


The only thing better about this phone than my GSIII is a slightly improved processor and a 320 GPU, over the 225 GPU.

I'm already rooted and running AOSP, so what are the benefits of upgrading to this?

I'm not hating. I like this new Moto a lot.

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Color options and the 32gb model aren't on all carriers. What's available on ALL carriers are the 16gb black and white models.

No, you're incorrect. The only thing exclusive to AT&T is the 32 Gigabyte Model of device, the customization options will be available for all carriers and carrier free unlocked versions as well.

Check your facts.

Customization options are 100% exclusive to AT&T at launch. Until they lift that, they have exclusives on both 32GB and Moto Maker.

If you are sticking with sprint, the Galaxy S4 is still $199 BOGO. A much better deal.

And heck you can grab an S3 for less than $100.

Both on contract of course.

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So since "Summer" happened a month-and-a-half ago, maybe Sprint should've said "sometime this Fall"?

Though I suppose that - technically - as long as they launch before September 21, it's still Summer. (oO)

Moto chose to give the carriers a very high profit margin on a device so that they will have greater incentive push Moto phones above everything else. That's why a mediocre speced device costs 200 instead if its proper price of $50

The only thing mediocre is the 720p screen compared to the 1080p that's all coming out now

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200 is kinda alot when i can get the GS4 for the same price with 2year contract..but the S4 is too big for me and im done with sense UI on the Htc so moto X is it for me ;)

Sense 5 is nothing like previous versions... It is much closer to plain vanilla android. If you throw on Nova launcher you can kill blinkfeed and it is as close to a nexus as it gets without being a nexus or Google play version. I love my HTC One, and I can't see how the Motorola X can compete with it at the same price (actually, the One can be had for less... I got mine for 99 bucks on contract.)

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You can put lipstick on a pig as much as you want, Sense UI still sucks.

Especially for people who don't like social networking being integrated / forced on us (I like my privacy thankyouverymuch).

I had considered waiting for this phone......damn, I'm glad i went with my gut instinct and bought the S4 2 months ago with no regrets.

I would get it but 16gb is a deal breaker for me unless they get the 32gb

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great job, not!!!! this phone WILL NOT SELL with that price point when you have things like the GS4 and the upcoming G2 (that sprint will probably have). very dissapointing announcement!