Moto G with KitKat

Android 4.4 to come out of the box in 'wave 2' countries

We found out earlier this week that Motorola's new budget handset, the Moto G, will be updated to the new Android 4.4 KitKat by the end of January. However the manufacturer has now confirmed that in the U.S. and other countries launching the device early next year, it'll actually arrive with Android 4.4 out of the box. Speaking with Omio recently, Motorola SVP Mark Randall elaborated on the company's international rollout plans: "Wave 2, products that we ship after Christmas, will start with KitKat [...] Wave 2 is in the US; there’s South East Asia, and other countries."

Recently launched in Europe and Latin America, Moto G is Motorola's attempt to shake up the entry-level smartphone market, with a combination of relatively high-end internals and a competitive price point. For more on the Moto G, check out our hands-on coverage from the European launch event earlier this week.

As for the Moto X, that's due to receive KitKat in "a matter of weeks."

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Moto G will ship with KitKat in the U.S.


Always a good sign. Looking forward to KitKat on the Moto X

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Did I read correctly that this does not have any LTE? Why would anyone want to purchase a device that has anything less than LTE now?

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I know I did, lol. And then I felt bad, so I deleted it all.

That LTE was 4 times faster than my friends Wi-Fi. I miss having Unlimited LTE on Verizon.

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LTE is only huge in US. outside US HSPA+ and 3G is still the norm.

so quit whinning. this is a budget phone for developing market

The phone's primary markets are not yet setup with LTE (think Brazil, India, etc.). However even in the U.S. the lower socioeconomic end of the market where people are on pre-paid services with what we might deem as ugly/terrible Gingerbread handsets would benefit immensely from a low-cost well built device entering the market with the latest version of Android. Think of Cricket, Boost, Straight Talk (which I have my wife on). Prior to this your options were to buy a used phone (ideally one I can root, install custom ROMs on), buy a new Nexus (actually on the expensive side of things) OR buy one of their crappy phones. Now with the Moto G I can have a Samsung S3-level power for under $200 and not be tied to any pre-paid carrier.

As someone already commented, HSPA+ is plenty fast for Netflix, Google Play video and music streaming.

This is a really good entry level phone for my kids. They don't need, nor do I want them to have LTE. Another benefit is I can get them a cheap phone, off contract, so I can hold the phones over their heads, and cancel their service anytime I want without an ETF. Soon, my whole family will be migrated to T-mobile where the HSPA+ is twice as fast as Sprint's barely there 4G LTE. Now, if only I could get my wife to give up her iPhone...

Because not all of us need LTE? My LG G2x pulls down 3G at a sufficient speed to browse the internet and listen to streaming music just fine. LTE is a concession I'd not regret in the least for a lower price tag.

But will it handle Indonesian masked goat milking porn on a torrent?

This is crucial.

Posted from the (4.2 updated) redheaded stepchild of the Nexii

I really like the look of this phone and the price is great. I think it they had a 32GB model I would be sold on it. I have been mulling over switching to a prepaid contract for a while and this would be just the phone to do it.

Great move by Motorola. Software is also a huge selling point. Nobody wants a new phone with outdated software. Glad it's shipping with 4.4 KitKat instead of 4.3 Jellybean! Good move keep up the good work Motorola!

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Great move by Motorola. On my country will still cost almost 199 usd.

posted from a s3 and waiting for nexus 5.

And then there are ppl that don't even get LTE in the area they live in. I don't see LTE as such a huge deal. When I get LTE it is faster but nothing so fast that I can't live without.

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I am very completed by what the moto g has to offer, but I'm seriously going to miss active display and touchless control. I just hope that somebody can create an app that at least simulates active display.
That aside, I'm probably going to pick up the moto g because of the decent specs at a low price point.

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There's an app called DynamicNotifications that mimics that feature rather well.

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