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Dual-SIM version of affordable Moto handset coming to Flipkart

As expected, Motorola has announced availability details for the Moto G in India. The dual-SIM version of the device will be available from midnight tonight IST, exclusively from Indian outlet Flipkart. The 8GB model sells for Rs 12,499, while the 16GB version costs Rs 13,999 — and both come with free e-books, as well as a 70 percent discount on official colored shell backs. Other offers for Moto G buyers in India include Rs. 1000 off clothing from Flipkart and a chance to win 100% of the phone's value back in store credit.

Flipkart's store listing shows the Moto G as shipping with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean as opposed to the newer 4.4 KitKat shipping elsewhere. But as we said in our review of the device, the Moto G remains the best cheap Android phone you can buy right now, even on the earlier version of the OS.

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Source: Motorola (Google+), Flipkart

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LeroyRJR says:

The G and X going everywhere, but nothing about the ultra or maxx,, or are they Verizon only units??

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NoNexus says:

Correct. If it has Droid in the name, it's Verizon s

Kit Kat tastes like Jellybeans. Can't tell them apart...

But once Motorola released Razr MAXX in EU and Asia, just like Droid_RazrMAXX. Another example is Razr i (with Intel Inside) just like Razr M (Snappy dragon inside)

still1 says:

just like Droid_RazrMAXX but there was no Droid name in it. It was just called Razr Maxx. There released razr M and i and it was def not called Droid Razr M or I

TheMimic12 says:

This is still cheaper than the iPhone 4 that is getting resuscitated in India.

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still1 says:

why would anyone buy iphone 4 now... iOS 7 runs slow on 4

TheMimic12 says:

From what I have gathered, Apple is losing ground to lower-cost competitors in markets like India, Indonesia, and Brazil. They are resuming the production and sale of the iPhone 4 in these markets to attempt to gain back market share in those regions. CNET reported that it would sell for about 15000 rupees.
the moto g handles both jelly bean and kitkat well, so this is a far better purchase.
I've had plenty of friends with the iPhone 4 complain about iOS 7 because it's slow. It's also not getting another update to iOS 8. The Moto G is an all around better device which is cheaper. The iPhone 4 has a quarter of the RAM and a much older and slower processor. I wouldn't pay a premium for that.

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arnab9385 says:

I have a 32 gb Nexus 5...yet I want this phone for some reason :|

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wezi427 says:

It appeals to me as well? I like Motorola phone.

"How'd you get the beans above the frank?"

darkmanx2g says:

Awesome buy. People will flock to this than buying the iPhone 4 in India.

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VJ_Appalla says:

This phone is good but LOUDSPEAKER SUCKS. LOUD SPEAKER volume is less than the full volume over normal call

16 gb already out of stock within few minutes of launch

Ry says:

Keep it up Moto!

paulw3 says:

Still waiting for the 16Gig model here in New Zealand. The 8Gig version has been out for weeks.

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Moto G was sold out within minutes after launch ! Now that's impressive

ak0r says:

Moto G back in stock now :) Both variants.

Garva Sharma says:

Finally 16 GB Moto G now available on flipkart

Ratane says:

Good phone! Gets sold out within two days. Only limited stock available.

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