Nexus S

Dave Dobbin, CEO of Canadian carrier Mobilicity, dropped by a sponsored forum member meet-up last night and revealed that the Nexus S, so far absent from Canada, will be launching there sometime in March. In addition to Mobilicity, Dobbin confirmed that Bell, TELUS and Rogers will also be carrying the phone.

“The Nexus S is going to everybody, so we’ll have it. It will be AWS band. And Bell, TELUS and Rogers will have it. I mean everybody will have the phone. So nothing special about it… it will be all over the place… so the Nexus S will I think will be available in March”.

In a video of the event, found after the jump, Dobbin also discusses the state of the Mobilicity network, as well as the carrier's handset refresh, due next month. [MobileSyrup]


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Canadian Nexus S 'coming in March,' Mobilicity CEO says


The bigger news on this article should be that the Nexus S is coming on ATT compatibility!

Let's get this confirmed folks.

I don't know if I would spend $500 for this phone to run it on ATT. It isnt THAT big of a difference from the N1. If ATT carried it and gave a discount then I may consider. Am I the only one in this boat?

Personally, I want nothing to do with at&t Salespeople nor do I want to be locked into a contract, even if they supply a subsidy.

Thus, if a NAM 3G model is released I will buy it at Full Retail and simply pop in my at&t Mobility sim as I do not want a Corp. salesperson to monkey with my account.


I figured that El Goog and Sammy would release a NAM 3G model of the Nexus S and it seems from Mr. Dobbin's interview that a NAM model is coming.

Having said that, it is not the first time that a CEO has said something publicly that was incorrect and needed to be retracted. Mr. Dobbin may have meant something like, the device is being sold unlocked and could be used on Rogers/Bell/Telus, not that it would support 3G on their respective networks.

Again, I am speculating as I truly have no idea, I would be really happy if El Googl and Sammy release a NAM 3G Nexus S, but until it is officially confirmed I am going to wait patiently.


Good news though I liked being one of the few with the nexus one around. If this goes to everyone, then it won't be special. But the good news is that it gets into more hands this way and spread more Gingerbread love :)

Not sure if I would want to spend over $500 on it when by March there will be better phones out as well. Maybe I'll keep my nexus one for the remainder of the year until I find a better upgrade that I love.