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We all want to be photographers, right? While out and about we love to whip out the camera, snap some pics of where you are or what you are doing, but having the time to go back later and edit them can be a struggle. The ability to add real time effects to the pictures as you are about to take them would be amazing, and that is where MAGIX Camera MX steps up to the table in a big way. On iOS you have a plethora of applications that allow you to add these real time effects, but up until now Android has been left high and dry and MAGIX wanted to be the first to change that.

The application is rather simple to use, all you have to do is launch the app, select your effect and take the picture. Camera MX offers 16 various affects that can be applied with all of your common favorites such as Lomo, Sepia, Negative and various others. The editing ability does not end here, if you want to further tweak the image you can do so after the image has been captured with some more advanced abilities. Also included is the ability to adjust saturation, white balance, contrast and other image calibrations.

Once you have the image tweaked to your liking you are then able to share the photo from the application to your favorite social networks such as Twitter and Facebook or you can upload it directly to their site. Each user is given 500MB of free storage on the MAGIX website where you can store and organize your photos and even create slideshows. With all of the power that this application has to offer you are probably left waiting for the price tag and how much it is going to hurt your bank account, but you will be pleased to know it can be downloaded from the Android market for free. Be sure to hit the break for download links and get yourself ready to enter the next photo contest!


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MAGIX Camera MX allows you to add photo filters in real time


Camera Zoom FX also allows effects in real time, as well as uploads to yet another obscure photo sharing site. But its a paid app, and this one is free.

I thought the other apps did this too, but after comparing, I think it means the fx options are at the bottom of the screen while the camera is on, looking at your subject. (not toggling an fx switch that brings you to another screen).

Shot Control does this. The filters can be applied right from the viewfinder screen without going through menus or dialogs.

It was on All About Android on TWIT last week.

Camera Zoom FX can have real time FX so you can frame, shoot, with the FX showing. So does Paper Camera. Its not that uncommon, and in no way unique.

I use Paper Camera and Camera Zoom FX as well as the Magix Camera MX and others too. They have all pros and cons for me. Paper Camera has nice effects but I don't like that the preview is so small. Also the image size is only 1024x768px. On Camera Zoom the frames and overlays look really great but the preview FX are only sepia or b&w. So nothing special. On Camera Mx I like that you can use the whool screen as viewfinder. I also like that I can use Lomo and Kaleidoscope in real-time. The picture
size uses more or less the maximum of my Galaxy cam. So pix are printable. If Magix would have the frames and overlays from Camera Zoom FX on its live effects, it would be perfect... and Camera MX is for free.

Yeah can't believe this isn't compatible with Gnex. Tried all the root market fix tricks to make it work. Got it to give me the download option but it only would sit at "start downloading". Boooooo

Not available for the EVO 3D or the Nexus S. Lame.

Yet it works for the Nook Color? That device without a camera? Oh well, I'll get the apk off of it I guess

Galaxy SII does this out of the box...

And so did my LG Renoir from 3 and a half years ago.

Ok, so maybe it has 1 or 2 couple of color effects that these phones don't have standard, but already existing apps cover that.

Galaxy Nexus owners, don't bother trying to sideload the apk. The app can't access the camera. No clue if that's a hardware issue or an ICS issue, but the screen just stays black for either camera. Most of the preferences and such work fine, but it'll crash if you do anything that tries to actually work with the camera.

Who cares if they were first or not?
I love this app! Working fine on a CM7-loaded HTC Desire Z.