Tab 8.9

We just got this from a reader who wishes to remain anonymous -- it's his very own Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 courtesy of Best Buy (see our hands-on here).  It seems that his Tab 10.1 had a manufacturing defect, and when he went to Best Buy to return it they inadvertantly grabbed an 8.9-incher from the stockroom and handed it over.  We know Best Buy is already taking pre-orders for the slightly smaller version, and it looks like at least one location has some on hand, waiting for the US launch day.  We're excited to get our hands on one of these, so maybe we should start shopping at Best Buy.

Thanks, Anon!


Reader comments

A lucky reader gets a Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 early from Best Buy


I personally would take that as a downgrade. When I got my GTAb 10.1 and went to exchange it due to a defect the Best Buy employee was handing me a 32GB instead of the 16GB I had actually purchased. I let the person know though so they quickly took it back lol

Yeah, aside from the "cool" factor of having it before anyone else, I don't think that's really a very good deal for the source.

Maybe the pic is from another bb employee opening a box to play with the "new" product before it gets sold? To hear from the bb-fanboys on the article about the guy who got his "new" phone with pictures on it, this happens all the time there...

When I got my Droid3, they didn't have any at the store, so they shipped it to me; I got to break the seal, great way to verify it's really new.

I had to return my 10.1 to best buy after a day because it wouldn't turn back on. When I exchanged it I also bought a dock because they didn't have any on launch day. So now my 10.1 and the dock are on the same receipt. Fast forward a few days and I go to return the dock because the clock mode thing was annoying me. The lady thinks I am returning the galaxy tab also and refunds me the whole 640 ish dollars. (500 or so was sent in a check).

Normally I'd feel bad and woulda said something but with as many times as best buy has fucked up pre-orders for me or just outright screwed me inadvertently I let it ride.

Amen to that! Sometimes life pays you back on things that you were wronged in the past, so you just have to recognize that, when it comes along.

did he get a refund for the price difference? because if not then he just got screwed since he paid the 10.1 price for the 8.9.... unless it's the same price, which i could've sworn it was quite different in price...

an 8.9 inch tablet? really? that whole inch less or inch more really gonna make you jump up and down?

I don't get it. Too many tablets with no purpose

I have a 10.1 and find it a little big to handle and my 7 is a little too small. Maybe the perfect size this 8.9 thingamajiggy.

Yeah I'll bet 8.9 is perfect. For me my 10" acer a500 was too big, so I returned it; but my 7" a100 feels too small :( Doh and Doh.