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Show time! We're live on location in Santa Monica for the Amazon Press Conference. Fully expected to be announced is the successor to the Android-based Kindle Fire, as well as an update to their more traditional Kindle e-reader. Heading into the event there is also buzz that Amazon may even show off an Amazon phone based on the Kindle Fire's software. Will it happen? We'll know soon enough. 

The event gets going at 10:30 a.m. PDT, 1:30 p.m. EDT, and 6:30 p.m. BST. (To say nothing of all the other times you folks enjoy throughout the world.)

With Phil and the usual Android Central "A team" tied up for this one, I'm filling in on the coverage (I'm still on my World Tour and rocking a One X at the moment, so it's all good). Also joining in on location from the Mobile Nations team is Ashley Esqueda and Steph Koenig. To tune into the action as it unfolds, jump on over to

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Live from the Amazon Kindle event in Santa Monica!


third paragraph of the above article says "With Phil and the usual Android Central "A team" tied up...."

Why were they tied up?

So since Playbook has come out we are now on the second Kindle Fire. Sad.

RIM needs new hardware and BB10 so badly. Is there any hope of at least a Playbook with an upgraded processor?

Last month they released the Playbook 4G LTE with and upgraded processor (1.5 Ghz), but so far it's only been released in Canada - though there was a picture of a Vodaphone model taken by one of the AC guys the other day...