The product support page for the LGE960 has went live this evening, which pretty much tells us nothing we didn't already know -- the LG Nexus 4 is coming. As the folks at Ausdroid have found, the device warranty information points folks both to Google as well your "Telco", which makes it sound that we'll eventually see a version sold by carriers.

We've got just three days until we know all there is to know about this one, and we'll be there to watch it all go down. In the meantime, we'll just feast on the rumors and tidbits like this one. Silly season indeed!

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Source: LG; via Ausdroid


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LGE960 support page goes live on LG site


I love this sort of stuff up, clearly not meant to be live yet (Since the product is not "official").

But does make our lives easier for planning our next gadgets.

Jerry. I would pay you to shave your beard. Lol. Anyway, I'll be checking this beast out soon enough.

I'm still on the fence on whether or not I am going to get this 'Nexus' Phone or not. I've had all the others (and 2 of the Galaxy Nexus GSM) - I really hope there is a trick up Google's sleeve and there's more than one manufacturer offering of the Nexus. I really want more than what allegedly this one has to offer . . . .
Eh I suppose I have three more days until I know if I'll do it or not.