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LG has announced more formally their membership in the Open Automotive Alliance, which will be setting the groundwork for Android Auto. LG intends to build a range of audio, visual, and navigation products to plug into the car, which will be available by 2015. The system can plug your phone into the car with a single cable to enable access to navigation apps, contacts, voice calls, and text messages through the car display.

LG appeared briefly in one of the slides laying out the first Open Automotive Alliance partners, but it's good to hear a bit more about how LG will be specifically contributing to the Android Auto platform. Around these parts, LG isn't exactly the first name that comes to mind when it comes to cars, but they've got their fingers in a bunch of pies. This is only one partner in a pretty large group of partners though, and we're eager to see what they all have to offer.

What kind of Android-friendly car features are you looking forward to?


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LG Unveils Smart Solutions for Smarter Cars at Google I/O 2014

SEOUL, June 29, 2014 — LG Electronics (LG) became the newest member of the Open Automotive Alliance (OAA), joining global automakers and technology companies including Google, General Motors, Hyundai, Honda, and NVIDIA. From 2012, the alliance has been dedicated to introducing greater connectivity into cars through the innovative application of the Android platform.

LG showcased its new range of audio, visual and navigation (AVN) system solutions for connected cars at Google I/O 2014, the annual developer conference held in San Francisco. LG's advanced AVN system, which is expected to be available by 2015, enables drivers to simply connect their Android device via a single cable to vehicles featuring Google's in-car interface platform to easily and conveniently access their smartphones' features and functions. For example, drivers can view and control their favorite smartphone navigation apps or search their mobile phone's contacts to make calls and send text messages through the in-car display.

With the global connected car market expected to reach almost 60 million units and nearly USD 100 billion by 20181, LG's industry-leading mobile devices and in-car infotainment capabilities will play a key role in the future of Android Auto. LG is also a global leader in 4G LTE, the main connectivity solution for connected vehicles today and in the foreseeable future.

"As a top technology company with a strong mobile business, LG has a great deal to contribute to the connected car space," said Jong-rak Lim, vice president and head of In-vehicle Infotainment Development at LG Electronics' Vehicle Components Company. "LG will strive to strengthen its cooperation with OAA partners to bring connected vehicles to consumers sooner rather than later."

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LG LOVES Android!!!

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Zig261 says:

But LG doesn't make cars. What can they do? And why are they participating to start with?

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anekin007 says:

LG makes LCD. Current or past navigation screen that come equip on cars are low resolution. Higher resolution screens in cars would be nice.

GIkari says:

I can't wait to see what the car manufacturers charge for higher rez screens. They already rake you over the coals for the low rez sluggish systems they have now.

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Jerzyiroc says:

Do you realize that car manufactures don't actually make their own audio/navigation systems right?

A895 says:

Did you not read the article?

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Ikeman90 says:

I'll be honest i've read headlines then commented plenty of times myself. cut him some slack

droidhead_1 says:

No, we must murder him..

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Ikeman90 says:

wellp sorry Zig261. i tried

All of the ones in the lower two rows don't make cars, they make sound and other accessories for them.

Nate Borup says:

Why isn't google teaming up with pioneer or any other aftermarket car entertainment maker? That would make the most sense... to push out an aftermarket unit so people can upgrade their current cars instead of only allowing elites to have android auto

Alpine, Clarion, Kenwood. They're all on that PowerPoint slide in the pic above....

Sethoth says:

So would those aftermarket manufacturers sell Android Auto decks that be installed into older cars? I love the concept of Android Auto but not enough to make me buy a brand new car.

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They usually do, so, I wouldn't be very surprised if they'll keep doing that... :D

littleemp says:

My exact same feelings. I would love to have Android Auto on my car, but not able to buy a new car.

Nate Borup says:

:facepalm: Good call. I should look at the picture next time

Cheetah23 says:

Here's a great article that explains a lot. It's all "plug-and-play" so you don't have to choose an OS for your car (remember Apple is doing this too). You can also install in your existing car (price depending of course).

youareme7 says:

I keep hoping one of them will announce an aftermarket head coming soon. I know pioneer is doing that for apple's carplay, I'm certainly not buying a new car for like 5 years but i'm definitely ready to get a double din replacement radio!

Tysonsaurus says:

I agree. I'm holding off on any new head unit purchases until this comes out.

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They said at the keynote that there will be at least one ready this year, can't remember which of them it was. Anyhoo., virtually all of the relevant brands apart from pioneer are on there. Harman, Panasonic are there too.

briankurtz79 says:

I saw some of those other junk companies. I am really hoping pioneer is behind someone's head in the picture

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Is Harman, Alpine, Kenwood considered junk now? Clarion has a lot of high end stuff, too. Pioneer is usually just considered overpriced junk. Not quality overpriced stuff like Harman. :D

Dizfunctions says:

I'm excited! LG has done some really cool stud with Android phones.

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